New Year Reminders…



It really is the initially day of the New Year, you are likely busy beginning a bunch of new ambitions so I will be short. Let me to remind you of a handful of items as you kick off the initially day of the year.&nbsp

1. Regardless of your practice of setting New Year&rsquos resolutions, as Christ followers we ought to be progressing in our commitment to and improvement towards all that God maps out for us in His Word.

two. God’s action in our lives is not dependent on our attributes.&nbspGod does not have to have you and your attributes to achieve what He desires to achieve. He makes use of you and I in spite of ourselves. Let go of your previous, appear to His future and set ambitions that are only attainable with His&nbspintervention.&nbsp

three. What God creates, God completes. It really is correct of creation (see Genesis two:1) and it really is correct of you and I as properly (see Psalm 139:13 and Philippians 1:six)&nbspGod doesn&rsquot start out some thing and not finish it. He doesn&rsquot stroll away from a job. He doesn&rsquot throw in the towel on our improvement.
four. Tright here is no component of your life that God is incapable of employing for His glory and your improvement.&nbspDue to the fact of the omnipotence of God, He can use the ambitions you haven&rsquot accomplished as properly as He can use the ambitions you have accomplished. Cease permitting your previous to handle you.&nbsp

five. God’s not seeking for “Ambitions completed”, He’s seeking for obedience.&nbsp

&#8203six. What God plants, He harvests…in His time and in His way. Be patient. (see Habakkuk two:three).

My hope and prayer for you that 2019 is a watershed moment for your faith. Be encouraged and hold moving forward.&nbsp


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