New Year . New You . Very same God (Element #two)



Yesterday we looked at the very first of various components to a profitable New Year program.&nbspOur realization that God inspired fresh begins commence with some thing higher than our personal motivation is&nbspcrucial to our good results.&nbspWe have to have to lean into God for good results and adhere to via. I am as guilty as&nbspthe subsequent individual but it is baffling that we strive and&nbsptoil for so lengthy just before coming to God for aid. As described earlier, there&nbspare &nbspbunches of examples in Scripture of the fresh begins that you and I wish about the New Year. Joseph, Peter, Paul, a case could be produced for&nbspthe “sort of” fresh begin that Jonah tends to make.&nbsp

Let’s take a appear nowadays at the account of Peter. Peter serves as a classic “fresh begin” case. All 4 gospels record Peter’s&nbspdenial for us in varying degrees. The most concise of the accounts is identified in&nbspJohn 18:25-27. This passage generally says, “Peter denied Jesus and the rooster&nbspcrowed”.&nbspLuke 22:54-62,&nbspMark 14:66-72&nbspand&nbspMatthew 26:69-75&nbspeach give a lot more detail and even use substantial phrases like,&nbspAbruptly, Jesus&rsquo words flashed via Peter&rsquos thoughts…”&nbspand&nbsp&nbspPeter swore, &ldquoA curse on me if I&rsquom lying…” &nbspRegardless of which&nbsppassage you study, it is clear that Peter was on a rollercoaster. I imply it was Peter who declared in&nbspMatthew 16&nbspthat Jesus was certainly the Messiah. Speedy forward a couple of chapters and it is Peter who was flatly denying that he even knew who Jesus was. Speedy forward a couple of a lot more days and we discover&nbspActs two:22-24&nbspwhere Peter is boldly proclaiming the truth of who Jesus was and God’s program for humanity via the sacrifice of Jesus. Buckle up, mainly because if that is not a roller coaster of emotion, belief,&nbspunbelief, action, inaction, self-confidence and terror I never know what is. Sound familiar?&nbsp

&#8203If we’re&nbsphonest, Peter’s&nbspjourney mirrors our New Year ambitions and all of our other grand plans all through the year that come and go&nbspwith the wind. One particular minute we’re on fire, the subsequent we’ve fizzled out. One particular minute we’re going to alter the planet and the subsequent we’ve settled for an additional episode of the most up-to-date Netflix series. What can we study from Peter to overcome this, “Up a single minute, down the subsequent” journey that we so simply discover ourselves on?

Permit me to recommend that Peter’s rollercoaster ride was due to in component to the firm he kept. Feel&nbspabout Peter’s declaration of Jesus as the Messiah. The context of Peter’s declaration was a conversation that Jesus was possessing with Peter and the other disciples. Peter was amongst pals. Whilst the other disciples missed the boat on who Jesus definitely was, their ideas have been at least in the proper ball park.&nbsp“Some say John the Baptist, some say Elijah, some say Jeremiah, some say a single of the other prophets”.&nbspThey could not have pinpointed Jesus as the Messiah but they have been in the neighborhood. It was in this context that Peter, via the revelation of God, honed in on as Jesus as the Messiah. In other words, Peter had positioned himself in the proper soil to knowledge a tiny development.&nbspClick, click, click, up the hill we go.

&#8203Speedy forward to Peter’s&nbspdenial of Jesus and examine his surroundings.&nbspAccording to&nbspeach the accounts Peter identified himself in the&nbspcourtyard, outdoors, with the guards,&nbspwith the servants, warming himself about the fire, at a distance, rubbing shoulders with persons who produced no claim to know or care something about Jesus. Is it any wonder that Peter so rapidly denied his expertise of Jesus?&nbspBuckle up, more than the hill we go.

&#8203Speedy&nbspforward with me a single a lot more time to Peter’s declaration of Jesus at the Christ and of God’s program for&nbsphumanity identified in Acts two. Take a appear at his surroundings. It is the day of Pentecost and Peter is surrounded by Jews from all more than the recognized planet. The Holy Spirit had descended as Jesus had promised and absolutely everyone was hearing the truth of the Gospel in their personal language. The setting have to&nbsphave been electric. Envision the “Passion&nbspWorship Band” or for you old timers, “Bill Gaither” singing your preferred song even though Rick Warren or Billy Graham preaches. You’d be via the roof. You happen to be surrounded by&nbspbelievers, engaged in worship and passionately pursuing the items of God. You&nbspcouldn’t aid but cry out and declare the wonders of God proper? Click, click, click, up we go once again.

Maybe the lesson we study from Peter is that the firm we hold contributes, at least in component to the good results we&nbspexperience.&nbspGod inspired fresh begins are surely sourced in God Himself. We have to have His wisdom to get a clear image of exactly where we must be going and we have to have his strength to hold producing progress. But we would do nicely to study from Peter on the firm we hold. Surround oneself with persons who share your values. Surround oneself with persons that care about your partnership with Jesus.&nbsp

Take a moment to honestly evaluate your ups and downs. Your ups and downs of objective setting or possibly the ups and downs of your spiritual journey. Can you trace your ups and downs back, at least in component to the firm you kept? Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians that negative&nbspcompany corrupts very good&nbspcharacter. These are the lessons we&nbspteach our youngsters but generally overlook to apply to our personal lives. Be encouraged and hold&nbspmoving&nbspforward.&nbsp&#8203


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