New Abortion Guidance to Schools: Truth or Fiction?


The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has created a new factsheet on abortion to assistance Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools. This ‘aims to make sure that specialists involved in educating young men and women on abortion do so ‘…with sincere and medically precise information…[which] distinguishes in between truth and fiction.’

Due to the fact this new factsheet is probably to have really wide circulation and use inside schools, I want to take a closer appear at it, to see if it holds up to its claims for sincere and precise details.

‘Abortion is very secure in a UK setting’ (p6)

On the other hand there is no mention of research that show substantially elevated mortality prices amongst ladies in the ten years following abortion [see here, here, here, here, here and here]. Some of these research involved more than a million ladies more than a 25-year time period.

‘There may well be a slightly greater threat of future premature birth’ (p6)

On the other hand the threat of future premature birth is understated [see here]. The hyperlink is backed up by more than 119 research,. like a important British study involving a lot more than half a million ladies more than 26 years in Scotland. This quick briefing notes various other robust research that similarly demonstrate an improve in the threat of preterm delivery just after abortion, a threat that increases with the quantity of abortions that a lady has.

‘Abortion does not improve the threat of breast cancer’ (p6)

The proof on this is controversial. The RCOG cites a massive meta-evaluation, but ignores conflicting meta analyses [see here and here]. Additional analysis is necessary to settle this situation but, in the meantime, ladies have a proper to know that there is ongoing scientific debate about the dangers.

She need to be provided non-directive counselling’ (p6)

On the other hand the majority of pre-abortion counselling continues to be carried out by the abortion providers themselves, who only advantage if the lady chooses to proceed with her abortion [see here, here, here and this CMF blog].

‘Abortion does not result in mental illness’ (p7)

Philippa Taylor covers this in a lot more detail right here. The RCOG references a important overview from 2011 but ignores independent proof suggesting that ladies may well be at elevated threat of mental wellness problems following abortion, even with no earlier history of complications [see here, here and here]. As prior to, additional analysis is necessary, but in the meantime college kids need to not be taught such headlines as established scientific truth.

‘The fetus is unable to really feel discomfort beneath 24 weeks’ (p7)

As nicely as getting contradicted by expert practice ‘at the sharp end’ (NHS surgery on babies at 20 weeks’ gestation makes use of fetal painkillers), the RCOG’s conclusion in their 2010 paper hinges on regardless of whether the cortex is vital for discomfort perception an assumption primarily based upon 3 citations [see here, here and here], none of which assistance the claim. In truth, the third study essentially contradicts the RCOG’s personal conclusion and rather indicates that discomfort perception is rooted in the thalamus which, according to their personal paper, starts to be connected ‘between 12 and 18 weeks’ [p8].  Some research have identified proof for the possibility of fetal discomfort at 15 weeks gestation. See right here as well.

Regardless of claiming at the outset that their factual details is necessary to address ‘myths and misinformation’, which is an admirable aim, I and other individuals are concerned that this new factsheet presents some inaccurate and misleading details about abortion to secondary college pupils.

Does the Division of Overall health and Social Care exercising due diligence in oversight more than the RCOG’s publications? Will the Division of Education verify the details presented? They would be welcome to verify CMF’s personal factsheet  Abortion: Dangers and Complications which can be identified right here.

For now, I may even go so far as to say this RCOG factsheet is a contemporary-day instance of the nicely-worn propaganda principle: make the lie massive, hold it basic, hold saying it and ultimately men and women will think it.


James Evans is a biology teacher with a background in genetics




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