More than 50 Authors Featured . . . Who Would You Want to Shape You?


If you have ever stated, “I’ve been which means to study extra _____ (insert theologian everybody has been reading for decades or centuries),” now’s your opportunity.

Save 40% or extra on collections from more than 50 authors.

This is extra than a opportunity to save on significant books, it is an invitation to pattern your considering right after some of the greatest minds of all time.

This consists of living authors like D.A. Carson, J.I. Packer, and Peter Kreeft.

It consists of greats from the previous like Barth, Spurgeon, and Luther.

Collections even date as far back as Aquinas, Plato, and Aristotle.  

Collections in Logos introduce you to the most significant functions by an author, invite their insights into your study seamlessly, and give you the finest price tag feasible.

Know your authors

The finest reading is for formation, not mere facts. And when you study particular authors deeply, they turn out to be mentors to you. You find out to anticipate how they feel about a provided topic, and their perspectives kind your personal.

Get deeper insights

In Logos, insights from books are extra readily obtainable than if you owned them in print. That is since Logos functions are tagged and integrated with all your characteristics. The connections are created for you . . . you just have to glance at them.

So when you study Galatians, you will have Martin Luther’s legendary commentary on the book correct with you. When you study sanctification, you will have John Owen’s magisterial perform The Mortification of Sin. When you study philosophy, you will have functions from the field’s pioneers, Plato and Aristotle.

Save revenue

Bundled pricing implies you get lots of person functions for way much less than if you bought them individually. That is accurate when collections are at complete price—and even extra when they’re 40% off.

Take the functions of John Owen, for instance.

  • Print version: $644.00
  • Common price tag: $149.99
  • Today’s price tag: $88.99
  • Price tag per volume: $three.75

Collected functions are the way to go. In a single fell swoop, you get the most significant books by an author, you get them in the most valuable format for your research, and you get them at a good price tag.


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