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Meredith Sharp’s passion is to be a worship leader. From Wilson, North Carolina, she is a project manager for a healthcare IT business, a vocalist lead out on the worship group at Elevation Church Raleigh, and eGroup leader there, amongst other factors. And she’s only 23.

My very first time meeting Meredith was in August of 2015, at a single of the Actors, Models and Talent for Christ Launch weekends (a two-day instruction occasion) in Atlanta, Georgia. Each of us had been there as singers, instruction for a single of the bi-annual SHINE events in Orlando, Florida, which is a enormous conference exactly where aspiring talent of all ages auditions for pros representing nationally and internationally-recognized record labels, modeling agencies and other sector brands. In the AMTC instruction system, trainees are expected to participate in a handful of other showcases, apart from the a single(s) they are preparing to audition for, such as acting and modeling.

It was the “Scene Read” prep showcase, and we had been two out of four people today in a group who had to memorize a script, assign characters to every other, and determine how every prop on stage would be utilized, all inside 30 minutes! We freaked out a small, but that brief quantity of time was all it took for the two of us to connect and commence a God-directed friendship.

Yesterday we shared a conversation in which we had been in a position to share some of the every day factors going on in our lives, but I was so excited that I had the chance to come across out extra about her background, who she is as an artist, and the themes that God is weaving into her life experiences.

I asked her when she started singing, and what produced her determine that she wanted to grow to be a worship leader.

“My very first solo in church was when I was in fiveth grade – Easter Sunday – I was supposed to be at the beach. My aunt mentioned that somebody required to sing this song, ‘Here I Am to Worship’, and I nevertheless to this day enjoy singing that song. It brings me to tears.” On when she realized her calling: “When I was 15, I was in youth group, and I just bear in mind – as quickly as the sermon was more than, he gave an altar call…I just went down to the altar with my face in my hands, crying. I just knew God was calling me to join the worship group.”

We turned to songwriting, and as any songwriter can relate, it is not only a difficult method, but also a practice that is tough to sustain when you do not really feel inspired.

“I had my highlight reel in 2012, and I haven’t written substantially given that then,” she laughed softly, seemingly somewhat self-conscious. “I was younger, a freshman/sophomore in college – busy, played sports, had extra free of charge time to create. I had just actually found this passion, and it was pretty much the honeymoon stage. I wrote a song in 2015, which was actually cool. I stopped writing in grad college – didn’t have time. It is been tricky to just sit down and create, but if I’m in the car or truck or one thing, I constantly attempt to create down in my telephone so I will not overlook it.”

On the other hand, she has lately been revitalized with a various viewpoint that is circulating fresh themes for future songs. “A lot of the songs we do at Elevation are primarily based off of biblical stories. ‘Do It Again’ is about the Israelites walking about the walls of Jericho… ‘Walking about these walls/I believed by now they’d fall/But You have under no circumstances failed me yet’.” It speaks of God’s faithfulness, a day-to-day reminder for her that God has begun this operate in her heart, and He will see it to completion. “I attempt to get lost in these Bible stories, and not to get as well artsy and weird, but actually really feel the feelings of the stories.” Most lately she’s been inspired by the story of Hannah, and the patience she had to create when God had promised her Samuel. “There’s a lot that I’ve been praying and asking God for, so I can actually relate to Hannah.”

God has several avenues which He offers every of us to find out His will for our lives. What is that for Meredith?

“Kim Walker does a lot of teachings about major worship in common. Steffany Gretzinger, Elevation teachings – I get that on the Raleigh campus. I attempt to pull from them various techniques I can construct myself as far as getting a worship leader…am I getting a excellent steward of what God’s provided me?” She learns a lot from getting a vocalist lead out and receiving instruction from her worship group leaders at church, and other leaders in modern Christian music, like Jenn and Brian Johnson, co-founders of Bethel Music.

The most evident theme that God is pouring into her life presently is preparation.

“A lot of the occasions, I go, ugh, I’ve sung this song a million occasions, I do not want to practice, I’ll be fine…just mainly because you know the lyrics, you know the tune – does not imply there is not preparation that you cannot take somebody to a spot they haven’t been ahead of. 1 of my largest challenges at church is generating it fresh and new just about every time I sing it – emphasis on various factors, and going deeper in our songs.”

Ahead of we ended our conversation, I wanted to capture some final thoughts on what God is speaking to her now.

“If I’ve discovered something in the previous year, His primary words to me have been, ‘Just praise Me. Just worship Me.’ That is all God actually desires. Correct worship is providing your life – my arms are held higher, I’m living in surrender. Rather of complaining, when you just raise your hands and praise God, He honors that and the enemy has to take a step back.”

In the course of our whole dialogue, I could hear and really feel exactly where Meredith’s heart and desires lie. She is single-minded in her objective, and as she pursues God’s calling on her life, I know He will continue to guide her into heights she couldn’t even envision. The final issue she mentioned actually showed me not only her need to adhere to God’s will, but the drive she has to make positive her concentrate stays there:

“Worship is a battle and if I’m not ready, I’ll shed the fight.”

Meredith’s songs, “Sun Stand Still” and “Pour Out” can be discovered on iTunes below Life immediately after Living, and on YouTube!



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