Mark four:35-41 Law and Gospel Bible Study, Pentecost five




     The Sea of Galilee is a medium-size lake but it is surrounded by lengthy, narrow valleys that are like wind tunnels funneling the winds into it.  When winds arise in these valleys, they sweep into the Sea of Galilee with concentrated force, swiftly whipping it into a frenzy.  The drama of our Gospel was played out in 1 of these storms.  Immediately after possessing calmed the storm, Jesus turned to his disciples with a rebuke, “Why are you afraid?” He asked.  “Have you no faith?” (v40).  This is the situation in any type of crisis: no matter if we trust God’s like and energy.  As sinful men and women, we do not possess this type of faith.  In crises, like the disciples we cry out in worry, asking yourself if we can be confident in God’s promises.  Jesus makes use of His energy to calm our fears.  He provides us faith.  Jesus provides us faith via his word, He keeps us from panic.  We are not helpless.  God is in the storms as nicely as the calm.  No matter what takes place, we are in His hands.  The disciples started with worry since they lacked faith.  They ended with a different type of worry, the consequence of faith.  They have been filled with awe of Jesus and His energy more than wind and sea.  This is a unique type of worry.  We stand in awe and worry of God’s becoming with us, nevertheless small we can comprehend of his workings.  The Greek word for worry, phobos, is the root of our word, phobia.  In the Gospel for this Sunday, the disciples go via two sorts of worry: 1st, they are frightened by the storm and second, they are “filled with awe” of “frightened with a wonderful worry,” as the Greek says (v41) since they do not comprehend who Jesus is that He can nonetheless the storm.  Later, following the cross and resurrection, a new type of worry will grip them: the worry of God that goes with faith.  This is the worry Luther speaks of in his explanation of the 1st Commandment:  “We are to worry, like, and trust God above something else.

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