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‘Magic Moments’ sung by Perry Como in 1957 is a song we may associate with Christmas as it was when employed to sell ‘Quality Street’ chocolates in Christmas ads on British tv.

Christmas is a magic moment that we could lengthy to capture. Trees, lights, cards, presents, meals, decorations – all geared towards capturing the magic moment of Christmas.

The problems is perhaps we carry a lot of other stuff as effectively – overloaded – and not with presents. Tired? Troubled? Preoccupied with worries, so that the magic moment of Christmas feels, maybe – just out of reach…

Element of the difficulty may effectively be our upbringing. From an early age we are presented with the concept that Christmas is a time for youngsters. Now do not get me incorrect, I feel the wonder and excitement that youngsters bring to Christmas is brilliant, but it is not the entire image of Christmas, and it reinforces the concept that Christmas is anything you develop out of.

I can fully grasp why and that children’s nativity plays can’t include the complicated threads of the original Christmas story. What do I imply? Properly, you only have to study the Bible for oneself to get the salient points:

  • Mary is an unmarried, teenage, pregnant mother, engaged to Joseph, who for worry of shame initially considers renouncing her – if he had carried out so, Mary would certainly have been scorned even killed.
  • When Jesus is born there is actually no human location on Earth for him to keep, he sleeps in an animal feeding trough – a manger.
  • At the news of the Magi, King Herod murders young youngsters, not that diverse from brutal dictatorships to this day. Joseph and Mary, with the infant Jesus, are forced to grow to be refugees.

Christmas is hardly a children’s story!

nativityFor all the appropriate motives we guard youngsters from the harshness of these facts but for all the incorrect motives we overlook what Christmas has to say to our adult globe as we sentimentalise it. Sadly, that is only also clear when the poor items in life occur: bereavement, illness, redundancy, homelessness, fighting…

I feel this is created worse throughout the Christmas season by the typical misunderstanding that we could really feel we have to be jolly for a entire month of the year. Do you know how challenging it is to be jolly all the time?

I can not do it!

Have you ever had that practical experience of groaning when somebody says anything like, “Cheer up, it is Christmas!” Which is maybe one particular of the worse items in the globe to say to a person when they are down, for what ever cause.

All the anxieties of true life that have no space in our jolly industrial Christmasses but are precisely the cause why God came to us when we feel about it:

  • Christmas is God’s really like creating itself open and vulnerable to us in our troubled globe.
  • God tends to make space for us even when we have no space for Him – just as there was no space at the Inn.
  • Christmas is God’s massive threat of really like, and that is no surprise due to the fact at the heart of the story is childbirth – with all the threat, anxiousness, and hope that comes with it.

For the writers of the Gospels, Christmas is much more than a capturing of childhood wonder, or a season to be artificially jolly – Christmas  is about a future however to be born.

That is what gives the wonder and the joy. And for these in the nativity who can see that, they find out a magic moment – even although it appears to the rest of the globe like just an additional poor infant whose parents can not even present him with a bed for the evening.

jurassic-coastThis year I went on a mindfulness course for clergy in Dorset. Mindfulness is a type of ancient meditation increasingly gaining credibility in healthcare circles. Fundamentally it teaches the art of getting in the present moment and seeing almost everything and everybody potentially as a present.

In other words, a ‘magic moment’.

Despite the fact that this may be uncomplicated to scoff at, the much more I hear on the news of…

  • depression and suicide prices going up
  • domestic arguments and violence rising more than the Christmas season
  • homelessness and mental wellness troubles rising

…let alone all the other items taking place in our globe – the much more I firmly think that we require to cultivate the art of discovering ‘magic moments’. We absolutely require to do anything. Due to the fact what we are carrying out is actually creating us ill and killing us, and our globe.

For me as a Christian it all starts at Christmas in a manger with a homeless infant and shepherds and magi and angels saying, ‘There…”

“There is a magic moment – see it for all it is worth – it could just alter your life, and assist alter the globe.”

sign-of-christmasOn the other hand considerably we dress up the nativity with tinsel and fairy lights, we can’t hide the true light that shines from the manger. Magic moments are not just to be found in church at Christmas, but in your life in the globe – each and every day.

  • For God loved the globe so considerably that He dwelt amongst us in human type.
  • His Spirit dwells amongst us now, and I am confident God gives magic moments for us to find out in the present of each and every ordinary day.
  • Just as God did more than 2000 years ago in the birth of a kid and all that followed from the cradle to the cross, and beyond.

Magic moments – like gifts, inviting us to obtain them…


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