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Anne Graham Lotz was a current guest on Hank Unplugged. Her father Billy Graham referred to as her the most effective preacher in the family members, and the New York Occasions labeled her as one particular of the 5 most influential evangelists of her generation. Hank and Anne had a conversation about The Daniel Essential: 20 Alternatives That Make All the Distinction. They discussed what we can understand from Daniel and the living Word of God. Right here is a snapshot of their discussion on generating life-defining possibilities and living our lives for an audience of one particular.

Hank Hanegraaff: It is the possibilities that one particular tends to make early on in life that make all the distinction in the globe. I imply, you produced some possibilities when you have been eight or nine years of age. You chose to study the Bible. You chose to be outspoken to use the talents that God has offered you for His glory.

Anne Graham Lotz: Yes, I did. The initially decision that was life defining was when I was eight or nine. I had been watching a film about Jesus on tv it came to the scene of the cross, and I knew that He had died for me and that had to be a perform of the Holy Spirit. I got down on my knees, and I told God I was sorry. I knew it was my sin that was accountable for the death of His Son. I asked Him to forgive me and come into my heart. I claimed Jesus as my Savior. I can try to remember when I got up off my knees, I felt lighter. I did not even know I had been carrying a burden, but what ever it was, it was gone. I try to remember going down the actions to inform my mother the selection I had produced, and that was a quite essential decision that I produced at a young age.

Then it followed, I do not try to remember it so significantly as a decision as just a deep want to study God’s Word. By the time I was nine, I had study the Bible by way of, and I loved it. It started a life-lengthy appreciate affair with the Scriptures. I appreciate God’s Word. That is a decision that I produced, but it was a decision that flowed out of passion. It was a heartfelt decision.

When I was sixteen, I produced the decision — and I can not try to remember something triggering this — it just occurred to me that when I stood just before God, I would give an account to Him for my life, and the way I had lived it. I believe up till then, I believed I was Billy Graham’s daughter, and Ruth Graham’s daughter, and you know I would get credit for what they had carried out. I realized that I would stand alone just before God, and I could not ride upon anybody’s coattails. I try to remember kneeling down in that similar space exactly where I had offered my life to Christ years earlier, and just surrendered my life to the Lord for service. I just told Him that He could have my life, and I wanted Him to use me so that when I stood just before Him, I would have some thing to show for my life.

It was exciting that inside that year, I led 4 of my mates to Christ. I met my husband not also lengthy immediately after that, married at a young age. At the time, I would believe God had not definitely heard my prayer, but seeking back, I can see how He withheld particular points from me in order to rivet my focus on Him and to prepare me to serve Him in definitely a outstanding way. It has been a lifelong service. He took me up on my surrender. There was not something dramatic at that moment, it was a selection that I produced, which let Him have my life and to use me for His glory. Now at my age, seeking back, I can see the pattern that He has led me all the way.

Hank: You know, one particular of the points that I definitely liked about your books, and I appreciate about you in common, is that you are transparent. You talked about your late husband, the caregiving that you have been involved in for so numerous years. The mental deterioration. The emotional discomfort. You share this, and I appreciate that for the reason that for a lot of people today they appear at Christian leaders and believe somehow or a different they are walking on air. They do not have any troubles. They do not reside in the actual globe. But, when you transparently share what occurred in your personal life, specifically with your husband, it makes it possible for you to relate to people today in a way that if you kept this to your self you could not.

Anne: Properly, you know, this is a different decision I produced. When I was seventeen years of age, I had people today attempting to force me into their mold. You know, everyone had an thought of what Billy Graham’s daughter ought to be like, appear like, people today who ought to be my mates, and I felt quite bound by the opinions of other people today. Somebody told me, “Anne, your seeking at God, your partnership with God is colored, like seeking even though a prism. You know it is colored by all these people’s opinions, and you require to just appear at Him straight.” I produced the selection when I was seventeen to reside my life to please God. I knew that if I pleased God, my parents and grandparents would be pleased. Some people today would not fully grasp the possibilities that I produced, and what I did, but you can not please absolutely everyone anyway. I produced the decision when I was seventeen to reside my life for an audience of one particular.

It was a life selection that has borne lots of fruit. I have been in some areas, and on some platforms, exactly where if you definitely just cared about the opinions of other people today, and you cared about getting well known, or you just — for me anyway — I would be tied in knots. Surely, I can get nervous. You know you do when you get on a big platform. But, at the similar time, my aim is not to please the audience, my aim is not to be invited back, my aim is to please the Lord, who place me in that location and has offered me a message to provide. That was a quite freeing decision that I produced.

Hank: It is so vital. All also numerous people today right now are not providing a message for an audience of one particular, which is precisely what we have to do. It is not about getting politically appropriate. It is not about getting well known. It is not about obtaining a larger platform. At the finish, you are going to account to God for what you did with your life.

Anne: That is proper. That is a quite solemn issue that stays with me every single day. I know that I am going to stand just before Him. It is what motivated me to surrender in the initially location. At the age of sixteen, I know I am going to stand just before Him, I know I am going to give an account for the way I not just lived my life personally but also how I served Him. With all my heart, I want to fulfill the goal that He has for my life. I know He has a goal for me. I want to fulfill it. In reality, one particular of the verses He gave to me is in Philippians 1. Immediately after my husband went to heaven, it says, “For to me, to reside is Christ and to die is gain” (v. 21 NIV). Then it says, you know, that I am left behind. I am not going to quote it outright, but I have been left right here for the reason that there is nevertheless fruitful labor for me to do (cf. vv. 22–26). I have a powerful sense that God has taken my mother, my father, and my husband. In a quite actual way, I am a widow and I am an orphan. But I have a powerful sense of goal. God has me right here for a purpose. I want to fulfill that purpose, and fulfill the goal that He has for my life just before I see Him face-to-face.

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