Is the Wife Obligated to Cook for Her Husband?


Who is obligated to cook in a marriage?

As soon as a couple gets married, the query pops up, who’s supposed to cook? What’s intriguing about this query is typically occasions is not communicated it is assumed the woman’s duty. But, exactly where does that assumption come from, and is it biblically primarily based? Is the wife obligated to cook for her husband?

When approaching this subject it is significant to separate cultural traditions from biblical mandates.

In marriage the husband and wife are a group. The overall health of the loved ones is the duty of each spouses. In this podcast episode we take a difficult appear at what God says about the function of cooking, and the value of communication rather than assumptions. We also talk about the feminist movement frowning &amp demonizing ladies who gladly cook for their husbands. Please leave your comments, subscribe and share with mates.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace &amp Keonte McDonald


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