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In final weeks post, I was brutally sincere about the factors that are occurring in my life as you possibly know my life has been a tiring trek by means of highs and lows given that the finish of September and I feel it is solely simply because my future is definitely unknown. I am a senior in higher college and inside a year I will be sitting in a college classroom, listening to a professor lecture and taking notes till my hand falls off. And whilst I can not wait for these days beyond my higher college and dwelling, the difficulties for me are this: I do not know the college I will be attending, I do not know the professor, and I do not know the program.

This is a challenge simply because I’m a planner.
I appreciate recognizing the in’s and out’s of my day.
In some cases, you can uncover me becoming spontaneous, but I choose to know the program precisely. As you can possibly guess, this is exactly where I encounter the most difficulties in my faith. When I do not really feel like I know the program, I develop irritated, and I extended additional than something to hear God’s voice, simply because when I know the path He intends for me to move in, I really feel comfort. Nevertheless, I genuinely have identified that God does not normally function this way. This lesson has genuinely been solidified for me all through the initially half of this year. I have gotten horrible with waiting on God. I want to move without having Him, but we are not supposed to do this.

So, what am I to do?

Nicely, I believed it would be helpful to share the factors I have discovered by means of my stroll with God lately in regards to moving in His path this post is a create up of final weeks, as a side note.

I have discovered that God is not a On Demand type of God.
He also is not of this globe. For a lot of of us, we have what ever we want, anytime we want. We are so employed to factors becoming 100% accessible, 100% of the time.
And this is a detrimental mindset to have in our stroll with the Lord.
I am so guilty of this, guys. I feel, “God… haven’t I been waiting extended adequate for this answer?” “God, I am expanding so weary and I want my answer proper now.”
It does not function like that.
We cannot anticipate God to speak when we want Him to and to stand by when we do not.
We cannot anticipate God to act like an American, providing us all the things we could wish anytime we wish it.
Studying this lesson has definitely shook my foundation and He continually reminds me of this each and every single day.
If I had it my way, at the starting of September I would have been accepted into my dream college without having any waiting, tears, tension, or doubt.
But in these moments, God definitely tested me.
I am nonetheless waiting to hear back from a lot of colleges and whilst I have not gotten accepted into my dream college just but, I was accepted to Berry College on Monday evening. This was so unexpected and when I received the letter I did not have any words to speak.

At the starting of the college year in August, I was reading 1 Peter simply because it caught my consideration and there is a verse right here which I identified pretty awe-inspiring. He writes this letter to encourage men and women to persevere by means of trials and tribulations, even even though they are becoming persecuted for their beliefs.
In 1 Peter four:12-19, he writes…

Close friends, when life gets genuinely tricky, do not jump to the conclusion that God is not on the job. Rather, be glad that you are in the pretty thick of what Christ skilled. This is a spiritual refining procedure with glory just about the corner… So, if you uncover life tricky simply because you are carrying out what God stated, take it in stride. Trust Him. He knows what He’s carrying out and he’ll preserve on carrying out it.

1 Peter four:12-19 (MSG)

Peter is basically saying that even when we are in darkness that reveals no sign of light, we have to stay hopeful. We have to don’t forget that by means of trials, our faith is becoming tested, and we are becoming additional like Christ.

By way of obtaining this verse and God testing me, He has verified that you reap what you sow when you wait on Him.
And I have identified that waiting on God appears like this…

Getting prepared for God and all he has in shop is kinda like a telephone booth.
You enter the booth, willingly, simply because effectively, you know you have to make the contact to Him ultimately and you hope perhaps it will lead you someplace awesome.
So, you place the adjust in the slot.
You paid your cost.
The cost? You decided to adhere to Him. You left your whole life behind to pursue him. You left your previous self, tips, desires, dreams, thoughts, and identity to seek some thing higher, beyond your self.

You dial the quantity, halfway hoping to attain some thing. “Maybe God will choose up… I do not know. Do I genuinely want Him to?”
Doubt overflows.
You are pondering about all that could go incorrect.
You are pondering He does not appreciate you.
You can not stand the concept of becoming open and sincere just before Him.
You happen to be worried about His program for your life.
You never genuinely want to do this… stand in this telephone booth and speak to the Creator of the Universe.
You never really feel equipped for something He has selected you to do.

It rings a tiny longer.
You wait.
A tiny longer, now.
And then the line cuts off.
You can not attain him.
It beeps.
Says, “we’re sorry. The contact you are attempting to make can not be connected. Please attempt once again later.”


That is what kept your contact from reaching God.

Perhaps it is worry. Perhaps it is anxiousness. Perhaps it is unhappiness, regret, depression, resent, somebody else holding you back, or shame, but what ever it might be, why do we let interference preserve us from becoming prepared when God calls and says, “move?” Why do we let factors that shouldn’t preserve us from God’s option for our lives, preserve us from His option for our lives?
He’s on the line.
He’s known as you and he’s waiting for you to press “accept.”
He’s waiting for you.
And if you never accept this contact, He is just going to contact an additional telephone booth, hoping for an answer from somebody who is prepared to answer. Harsh is not it?
No. It is not.
God just desires obtainable folks.
You never have to be ideal to do his will.
So, what do you will need to do?
Never let your previous something preserve you from accepting His contact, His goal, or His program. Discover to be obtainable and never rely on your potential. Say yes. Press accept.
Take God’s contact. Lean into Him and cast all that baggage aside, simply because you do not will need it any longer. You are redeemed by His grace. Do not waste it lean into His guarantee and surrender your baggage to Him.
Accept an interference absolutely free contact.
For the reason that you are going to be amazed at what a “yes” to God saying “move” will do in your life.


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