In the Midst of Dirty Dishes


MamaMouthShow hospitality to a single one more with no grumbling. As every has received a present, use it to serve a single one more, as superior stewards of God’s varied grace: . . . whoever serves, as a single who serves by the strength that God supplies — in order that in almost everything God may perhaps be glorified by means of Jesus Christ.
—1 Peter four:9 – 11 ESV

She and her husband had been missionaries for more than sixty years and led numerous persons to Christ. Now she was in her eighties and nevertheless serving. My pal Sheli and I had been honored to remain with her for a week to minister alongside her.

Soon after traveling thirty hours to her property in Takamatsu, Japan, we arrived late in the evening. She ushered us into her kitchen for a hearty meal, then prayed for us just before we all went to bed. When the sun was barely up the subsequent morning, we feasted on an huge breakfast in her tiny kitchen.

The kitchen was crowded, her appliances old and worn, dishes piled higher in the sink from her lavish meals preparation — however the atmosphere felt completely like property. As she and her husband study Scripture and encouraged us, tears welled up in my eyes, the like of Christ enveloped us it overwhelmed me.

Straight away following breakfast, she started cooking once more, this time for 100 ladies. She’d rented a banquet hall and invited pals, telling them an American would be speaking and there would be meals. We cooked, set up tables for the luncheon, and then I was ushered to the front to speak. Her objective in hosting the occasion was to construct a bridge in hopes that these who came for lunch would come back once more for church on Sunday. Lots of did!

When driving property following the lunch, she told me she’d invited a huge group to the residence for dinner that evening. I couldn’t think about how we could clean up the mess we’d left behind and simultaneously prepare one more meal. How would we get it all completed? She didn’t appear concerned. Rather, she was fueled by the power of what the Lord had completed at the luncheon.

There have been instances I’ve worried additional about my kitchen than how I can serve other people. I fret more than the size and messiness. But I was inspired as I watched this lady who had no issues about the dirty pots in her sink. She didn’t let an unswept floor retain her from ministering. She set the table beautifully and welcomed her guests. She and her husband prayed and study Scripture. Hearts melted.

Years have passed due to the fact that week in Japan and I assume of this lady anytime I have corporation. More than her lifetime, she has ministered to thousands in her property, and quite a few have come to know Jesus there. Her ministry has nothing at all to do with a spotless kitchen. In truth, her kitchen was a mess. But anytime God opens a window of chance, she seizes it.

I want my service to be like that described by the apostle Peter, grounded in “the strength that God supplies.” I want to lengthy for persons to know Jesus additional than I lengthy for the fantastic kitchen.

God cares additional about what’s taking place amongst the persons in our kitchen than He cares about the state of it. My missionary pal taught me that it is feasible to share God’s like, demonstrate His character, and provide hospitality, even in the midst of dirty dishes.

Dear Lord, show me techniques to serve by means of the sources You have provided me. Assist me care additional about persons than items like dirty dishes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Don’t forget
Your kitchen is a fantastic location to show hospitality. Do not wait for it to be fantastic to invite guests. God will provide the capacity you have to have to minister in your kitchen, and He will be glorified.

Would you be prepared to invite persons to remain for dinner if they dropped by unannounced — even if your kitchen was a mess? Why or why not?

Can you assume of a individual, loved ones, or neighbor who does not know Jesus that you could invite for dinner?  Make a get in touch with and get it on the calendar.

Proverbs 31:15

 Taken from Encouragement for Now: Devotions for Every day Living by Renee Swope, Lysa TerKeurst, Samantha Evilsizer and the Proverbs 31 Ministries Teams. © 2013 Proverbs 31 Ministries. Utilized by permission of Zondervan.


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