How to discover Christian Truth : Christianity


  1. What does scripture say?

  2. What does the Church say?

  3. What do the Church Fathers say?

Fairly quick. I converted a couple of years back and I am nonetheless staggered that there is so significantly division inside Christianity when I identified it a fairly painless physical exercise to comprehend appropriate Christian doctrine as it has been passed down from the apostles. When you use the writings of individuals like Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, John Chrysostom and Iraneus it is fairly quick to see what doctrine is truthful and which is not. A challenge I’d lay ahead of individuals right here is to ask yourselves if you happen to be interpreting scripture adequately. If you say yes then the second query is does your interpretation match what we know the earliest Christians believed? If not why not?

Lastly I’d say that if your Christian beliefs match up with the modern day view then you should really be exceptionally skeptical of them simply because the present modern day western culture is exceptionally anti-Christian in it is understanding of the globe, in truth it is fairly significantly Satanic in the classic sense of Man elevating himself up to the status of God and viewing his personal flourishing as an finish to be accomplished rather than the glory of God. If your beliefs never match scripture, never match what the Church says and never match what the Church Fathers wrote then are they truly Christian? Or are they secular modern day views beneath the guise of Christian “enjoy”?


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