How to Break Dysfunctional Cycles & Develop Healthier: When You Just want to Reside the Abundant Life


My mama tells the story that when I was a gangly 4-year-old kid, they hauled my kid brother and sister and I, down to a panhandle town named Hereford, Texas, for a handful of months, and my dad sharecropped cotton with this farmer west of town.

And I played with Nancy Leigh Craig across the street who was two years younger and a complete head and a half shorter than I.

My mama remembers it and I will in no way overlook, how just about every time I ventured subsequent door to play with Nancy Leigh Craig, that tiny slip of a girl would pull out an empty glass mason jar, and Nancy Leigh Craig would fill it with heaps of dirt dug up from the dog run behind her property, and then she would fill that jar up with water, throw in a bunch of weed tops, and stir the complete mess up with any identified stick.

And then, mama does not have to inform me this aspect, due to the fact it is the aspect I can nonetheless close my eyes and see: Each and every time that two-and-a-half-year-old Nancy Leigh Craig and I whipped up the murky concoction? She would hold it up and inform me in her most authoritative two-and-a-half year old voice:

“Drink the mud soup!”

And I was the lanky 4 year old girl who did specifically what two and a half year old Nancy Leigh Craig told me to do: I gulped down that mud soup like a lap dog who could only nod.

Then I’d up and stroll across the street to our townhouse across from the tennis courts on 198th Avenue, and I’d whisper in my mama’s ear: “Mama? I’m afraid I’m going to die now.”

Mama, she would cup my face and say, “But my Ann-girl — why in the actual planet would you drink that mud soup? — Once more?”

Our Favourite Farmhouse #FreeTrade Resource: The Grace Crafted Household
Levi Voskamp

40 Day Lent/Easter wreath
Our Favourite Farmhouse #FreeTrade Resource: The Grace Crafted Household
Levi Voskamp

And there are days you do not want your mama to say even a word of it to you, due to the fact you can really feel it strike you like like a bolt of lightning from the the throne of God:

You can be 40 anything years old— and nonetheless be swigging down mud soup.

I’d began to scratch it down in my journal and that scratching began decoding a bit of my life: You finish up drinking mud soup anytime you see oneself as the passive victim in your story, alternatively of an active co-writer of your story, when you act like you do not figure out your responses to a scenario — but your actions and responses are determined by somebody else.

You drink Mud Soup anytime you consume what is not life-providing excellent for your soul.

Getting the courage to refuse to drink mud soup does not imply refusing discomfort, refusing suffering, refusing difficult issues and living offered and living surrendered and living sacrificially can be life-providing excellent for your soul.

From time to time the cup we drink from is suffering — ask Jesus. And you locate the abundant life — wherever you turn toward the sign: Welcome to The Surrendered Life.

The only way to the abundant life is to accept discomfort in your life. The way to what we want — is frequently by means of what we do not want.

“You locate the abundant life — wherever you turn toward the sign: Welcome to The Surrendered Life.”

Painfully difficult issues are aspect of the cost of admission to a purposeful, holy life.

But that is quite diverse than when a lady feels like she has no voice, like she has lost her voice in her personal life. When a lady feels like she has no voice, she can develop soul-deaf to the voice of God in her personal heart.

When a lady feels disempowered — she can doubt the energy of God.

When a lady fears saying no to particular issues — is there essentially a worry saying yes to far better issues?

Is worry of saying no to other men and women — truly a worry of saying yes to what God desires for you?

How did my aching soul, my broken heart, not know: You swallow garbage for your soul when you are a worry follower alternatively of a Christ follower.

Is the Church created up of more fear followersthan Christ followers?

I asked my mama these issues and her life is my answer:

You constantly have a option to make a option.

And you can only be an agent for transform in the planet — when you think there’s agency for transform in your personal life.

Be patient with God’s patient perform.

The way of Abundance is constantly 1st the dying and then the increasing. Be not afraid of practicing your faith everywhere — your God is practicing resurrection everywhere.

And in the 6th week of Lent , in the centre of the farm table, there’s a  circling wreath telling a diverse story than any vicious cycle of dysfunction.

There’s an Abundance of Presence that beckons into an encircling ring of meaningfulness.

My Mama moves the candle in the Lenten wreath on  Sunday morning  and there’s a way to reside in a sacred circle of Presence and I watch how she does this, lives a story that tells of the wanted life, tells of  the abundant life.

Watching mama’s eyes, I’d dare say she’s created her complete life about taking that yearned for way of abundance.

Hasn’t she taken the way of the Response-capable, the Reflectors, the Rememberers, the way of these who operate in the Circle of Abundance Presence — due to the fact this is the only way out of the Messy Circus Cycle and into the Abundant Life?

I do not know when she showed me 1st:

You are as capable to take yet another step toward the life you want — as you are capable to reside Response-capable.

The Accountable are these who personal how they are constantly Response-capable — constantly capable to have a response, figure out their personal response, and personal that response.

You are capable to really feel as substantially joy as you are response-capable — capable to respond with the correct response, at the correct time. Able to respond with gratitude, capable to respond with surrendered givenness, capable to respond with kindness, due to the fact no quantity of brokenness gets to break our kindness.

You are capable to embrace the abundant life — as substantially as you embrace getting response-capable.

These are difficult and holy issues for the the brave can rise to, but selecting to be Response-In a position, is the only way to be capable to reside the life we extended for.

I watch how the  candle light flickers and reflects in Mama’s eyes.

And I try to remember.

I try to remember stories that we do not inform, remembers words that we do not speak but merely, bravely, reside, try to remember how Mama shows me how to in no way quit remembering what actually re-members all that is been broken and dismembered.

And I just quietly attain out for Mama’s hand…

How you opt for to try to remember — determines how the broken dismembered issues in your life will be remade and re-membered.

You have to opt for to intentionally try to remember God’s goodness, if you want your brokenness to be re-membered into wholeness.

The Remembering Persons — try to remember they are Response-capable and they are the Rememberers that remember abundance is identified only in His presence.

And we can constantly practical experience as substantially of God as we opt for. The abundant life is identified only in an abundance of God. There are techniques to enlarge our wanting and techniques to expand our hearts and the way is probable — and who can afford to miss it?

40 Day Lent/Easter wreath

Levi Voskamp

40 Day Lent/Easter wreath

Levi Voskamp 

When my mama opens up  this book of words ,  The Way of Abundance , and reads how all the pages are devoted to her, I cup her face and I study to her the story that she’s written with her days, a story diverse from getting a Mud-Soup Swallower, study the story of her abundant life back to her.

“Mama, you have been the bravest—and your brave has won ten thousand battles due to the fact it is created us all braver numerous occasions. We have all watched you boldly take the way of abundance — no matter how the road seemed to wind by means of broken valleys that turned into the valley of His cupped hands.

We have all watched you boldly take   — no matter how the way twisted by means of wildernesses exactly where He wooed, wildernesses exactly where He in no way brings to abandon but only to bring us closer to the way of abundance.

And we have all watched you boldly take  the way of abundance — no matter how it seemed like it didn’t matter—because God tends to make which means out of messes, due to the fact He is the God who can make all our  brokenness into abundance, due to the fact, you and I say this back to each and every other more than and more than once more: The Writer of the story has written Himself into the hardest locations of yours and is softening into the broken edges of every thing with redeeming, abundant grace.”

And Mama kisses me gently and I whisper to her the finest lines of the life story that could be ours, all of ours:

“So, like you constantly inform me, all is constantly, in just about every way.

Abundantly properly.”


What do you do when you wake up and really feel like you are not sufficient for your life? Or when you appear out the kitchen window as dusk falls and wonder how do you reside when life keeps breaking your heart?

In sixty vulnerably soulful stories, The Way of Abundance moves from self-weary brokenness to Christ-focused givenness.

Christ Himself broke like bread, providing Himself to us so we could have a lifelong communion with Him. Could it be that our brokenness is also a present to the planet? These tender devotionals dare us to embrace any and all brokenness as a present that moves us closer to the heart of God. 


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