How Does One particular Clarify the Crucifixion of Jesus to Young Kids?


Lately, a reader asked an superb query. This is our discussion, but I have not applied their genuine name. Joe wrote:

I’ve talked with you in the previous. The other day, my three year old son and I have been speaking about Easter and how Jesus died on the cross. He asked “why did Jesus die?” Even even though I do not think this, I mentioned “He died for our sins”. He answered, “that’s not fair”, which I believed was cute.

In the previous, I just mentioned that “Jesus died for us”. I assume that leaves it open so other individuals can create their personal beliefs. I’ve study your post with regards to Atonement theory and the Ransom theory, which I do not think these theories either.

I haven’t fairly understood the Christus Victor Theory. But what do I say when my son asks “why did Jesus die on the cross?” I want him…


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