How Believers can Uncover and Discern Their Calling from God [Podcast]


In this episode of the Fantastic Christian Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo is flying solo! Alex had the chance to speak at a university in Jacksonville, Florida. Especially, a group named CoPassion. Alex talked to them about believers discovering and discerning their calling from God. Alex’s speak received a lot of constructive feedback, and simply because of that – He has decided to share it with us right here on the Fantastic Christian Podcast!

three Techniques for Believers can Uncover and Discern Their Calling from God:

I am going to make this as sensible as doable. My challenge to you is for you to study and implement the 3 points that I am listing under and in this podcast episode.

#1. Locate your Identity in Christ

Acquiring your identity in Christ suggests that you trust God’s program and timeline above your personal. His techniques are greater than your techniques. Life is not about your plans, timing or potential. Life is only about Christ! Your identity can not be in your job, your schooling, even your ministry. It has to be all about getting recognized by God intimately and recognizing Him.

How can Christians locate their identity in Christ?

  1. Stroll with God. Speak with Him all the time. (This is your most significant connection.)
  2. Think in the energy of prayer. (Prayer moves mountains)
  3. Listen to God. Be quiet each now and then.

#two. Give 110% Now

Here’s the deal. A lot of of us are so focused on our future that we are not getting accountable with Now. God has named us to be exactly where we are these days. Our job is to give 110% exactly where we are at this really moment. Effect every person you can for the Kingdom exactly where you are at suitable now!

And what ever you do, irrespective of whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, providing thanks to God the Father via him. – Colossians three:17-24

What does a Christian providing 110% appear like virtually?

  1. Remain focused exactly where you are. (Providing 110% suggests you do not run via each door that opens.)
  2. Do what you are performing for God. In no way for man.
  3. Discover say no to the incorrect ‘opportunities’ that the planet has for you.

#three. Know Your Organic Strengths

This is the most sensible point that I’ll share. God produced you with a objective, which suggests that what you are naturally excellent at is going to bring you closer to God’s calling on your life. So I’ll ask you now, what are you naturally excellent at?

How can a Christian locate out what they’re naturally excellent at?

  1. Take character tests:
  2. What (in your life) produces the most fruit?
  3. Ask individuals you trust what they consider you are finest at.

In closing, I’m going to be entirely truthful with you. (I’m often truthful with you, it is an expression.) I nevertheless have no notion what God has named me to do with my life as a entire. On the other hand, I know precisely what God has named me to these days. I am going to be faithful with what He’s trusted me with these days. Every single day I get closer to the ultimate objective God has on my life.

My encouragement to you is to keep in mind that the Christian walk is a journey, not a location. (As Christians, we take the stairs, not the elevator.)


Be on the lookout for a further episode on the initially Monday of each month. Till then, often keep in mind that discovering your calling from God starts with obtaining your identity in Him.

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