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For God so loved the planet that He gave His one particular and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John three:16

Beloved, do not worry.

He wipes away every single tear and death is no extra.

Mourning, crying and discomfort are gone.

Former issues passed away.

My Father’s property has quite a few rooms.

He’s ready one particular just for you.

It is beyond imagination.

Every person who believes in Him will not be place to shame.

He is Lord of all.

Riches bestowed.

Angel guide reveals river of life, vibrant as crystal.

Flows from the throne of God.

Tree of life yields its fruit.

Leaves heal the nations.

Evening is no extra.

Servants worship the King.

His face revealed.

The Lord God is their light.

Treasure safe, city ready.

Twelve gates of pearl, street translucent with pure gold.

No temple required.

Promises fulfilled.

God’s dwelling location now straight with man.

All issues created new.

New Heaven, new earth.

The sea is no extra.

Jesus, Word made man, came to make a way where there was no way. Click To Tweet

Break, bleed, die.

Love’s bridge to life everlasting.

All who think get entrance.

Belief evidenced in how I reside and appreciate.

Really like God, appreciate other people.

Listen and obey.

Preserve His commands.

Mercy and grace.

Patience and provision.

Book of life, veil torn.

Heaven’s door opened.

Father God, Lord Jesus, Thank you for the present of salvation. Thank you for producing a way property. Thank you that in You, loved ones are not lost and separation is short-term. You alone are the way, the truth and the life. Enable us to know you and appreciate you superior. Enable us to persevere and run our race effectively. You are my King, Jesus and absolutely nothing in this planet compares to You. You make all issues new. You turn mourning into dancing and restore what locusts ate away. You function all issues for excellent and give hope and a future. Thank you for your faithfulness. I place my hope and trust in You. In Jesus valuable, matchless Name, Amen.


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