Have You Ever Heard The Devil Say “It Does not Matter?” [False, it Matters]


The bible calls the devil the Father of lies (John eight:44 NIV). The devil is an professional at lying. He lied to Eve to get her to consume the fruit in the garden of Eden and has been lying to folks ever considering that. He lies to hold us from believing in Jesus Christ, and to hold us from walking out our correct identity in Christ. The devil has had a lot of practice at lying to the church as a complete, and to us as men and women. He knows what lies hit us the hardest. He knows what lies bring about us to shrink back, and cease taking ground for the Kingdom of God.

For me personally, there is 1 lie that the devil has been attempting to speak into my life for years. It is a really straightforward lie with substantial ramifications. The devil tries to inform me that “It does not matter.”

What does that imply? Properly, when I am in the midst of what some folks would refer to as a “mountaintop” knowledge with God, it is generally characterized by a deep level of connection and intimacy with Holy Spirit that leads to action. In the course of these mountaintop seasons, I locate myself considerably additional excited to devote time with the Lord.  I completely delight in factors like providing income to an individual in have to have, or purchasing a coffee for the stranger behind me in line at Starbucks. In these seasons I am not only prepared, but excited, to pray for healing for strangers at the grocery retailer. I am considerably more rapidly to turn off the Television and turn my complete focus towards my wife. In brief, I appear considerably additional like Jesus for the duration of these seasons.

For any person who has skilled a season like I am speaking about, you also know that they come with intense persecution.

The additional we step out, the additional opposition we face. For me, when the persecution comes is when I come to be additional vulnerable and susceptible to the lies of the enemy. For instance, I may well have just stepped out to pray for an individual to be healed, and they do not get healed. I could really feel disappointed and start off questioning God’s will, and that is when the enemy methods in with his fiery darts:

  • “Why are you undertaking this? It is not getting any Genuine effect.”
  • “You are just going via all this discomfort and rejection for practically nothing. It is not producing a distinction for eternity anyway.”
  • “IT Does not MATTER”

Each and every time that I am about to take the bait, God methods in and reminds me that His truth is far additional effective than the lies of the enemy.

Just when I am tempted to think that my attempts to stroll like Jesus do not matter and I need to give up, God Often methods in and refreshes me. He requires me back and reminds me of the factors He has accomplished via my life in the previous that have yielded lasting fruit. He sends an individual into my life to just thank me for a earlier prayer or encouraging word.

A couple of months ago, a buddy and I went to Africa to assistance make a church and a effectively. It was some thing we knew that God had told us to do, so we went. The trip ended up getting really tough and was met with all sorts of opposition. Issues didn’t turn out precisely how we had planned when we had been there. I in no way seriously told any person, but the complete way dwelling the enemy was attacking me with the lie that what we had accomplished didn’t matter. The enemy attempted to convince me that I had not seriously heard from God, and that our time in Africa had not changed something for eternity.

He attempted to convince me that I had just wasted my time and sources, along with the sources of everybody who had supported the trip.

I had been battling that for months. Then, just this previous week, I received a message from the pastor in Africa stating that the tank for the effectively was absolutely complete and that they had been having prepared to do baptisms in the neighborhood. I also discovered that 85 folks had been currently signed up to get baptized! That is 85 folks producing a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ!

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I do not say that to impress any person, or pat myself on the back. I just got accomplished saying how I was getting a tough time believing that any fruit was going to come of this. I’m share that story since I have no doubt that the enemy is attempting to inform other folks the identical lie and I want to squash that lie suitable now. IT DOES MATTER. The way that we reside matters! Our prayers matter, our encouraging words matter, our listening ears and loving focus matter! Economic providing matters! Fighting that sin on our knees behind closed doors when no 1 is watching matters! Stopping for just 1 minute to smile at an individual and inform them that Jesus loves them matters!


Close friends, Jesus died to redeem us. If it didn’t matter, why would God have sent Him to do that? You matter, and the way you reside matters! Do not let the father of lies ever inform you any various. Hold pressing forward, hold pressing into God, and hold stepping out. It is producing a difference…



For we are God’s handiwork, made in Christ Jesus to do fantastic functions, which God ready in advance for us to do (Ephesians two:10 NIV).


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