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I was in a grocery retailer searching for a distinct snack. I couldn’t locate it. I had traveled these grocery retailer aisles for at least 30 minutes.

Moments later a pal of mine who functions in the retailer asked me what I was searching for. I told him and he promptly pointed me in the path I was supposed to go. I got my snack and was headed to the checkout line when he mentioned, “Rev, all you had to do was appear up and you would have noticed exactly where it was.” He was appropriate. I looked up and the details was on the indicators hung above every single aisle.

Then the Spirit spoke to me. I mentioned, “Hold up brotha, you imply to inform me if I had just looked UP I would have discovered what I was searching for?” He smiled. “Yeah man, if you had just looked UP, you wouldn’t have wandered about for so lengthy searching for what you wanted.

“You imply that often the answers are appropriate there only if I appear up? “


We have been laughing mainly because we knew what we have been saying, and it wasn’t about snacks. The Gospel has a way of connecting us all. He knew that I knew that is a highly effective Bible lesson. You see, often we devote a lot more time wandering about the aisles of life when all we had to do was appear up and we would have been provided the answer. Even so, I did locate the provider of that details that directed me to that believed. You see, Christians have to have to don’t forget that to get to the answers of life, we have to have to locate the provider, and that is Jesus Christ! Psalm 121 confirms this believed. The initially two verses say:

  1. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my aid.
  2. My aid cometh from the Lord, which produced heaven and earth

Appear for Jesus. Do not wander about.  From time to time if you had just looked up to God, you would have discovered what you have been searching for and would have been on to the subsequent journey.  He has the answers. Just appear up!


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