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When on the aeroplane yesterday I was pondering about how crucial time is. If you want to reside a life of victory in Christ, you have to be pretty selective about what you give your time and interest to. You have to recognise which thoughts to ignore, which comments to ignore, and occasionally, which men and women to ignore. Every single “battle” that comes across your path is not a battle that you are supposed to fight. Some are merely distractions to attempt to lure you off course. If that battle is not amongst you and your God-offered destiny, it is a battle you ought to ignore.

Some men and women get distracted since they are constantly attempting to straighten every person else out, or win their approval. But if that is your concentrate, you are wasting precious time and power that you ought to be applying to pursue your dreams. Turn away from that distraction! You do not have to have the approval of every person about you you only have to have God’s approval!

Nowadays, realise you do not have to fight every single battle. You do not have to straighten men and women out. You do not have to spend somebody back. Rather, concentrate on what matters concentrate on God and His Word, so that you can live in freedom, peace and happiness every single day of your life!

“Turn my eyes away from worthless factors preserve my life according to Your Word.”

(Psalm 119:37, NIV)?

Pray With Me
Yahweh, thank You for ordering my methods.  Father, thank You for arranging great factors for me. God, teach me what battles to fight. Assistance me to discern the factors I ought to ignore. Assistance me to stay clear of distractions as I concentrate my heart and thoughts on You right now, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

A specific word from the Lord, from Pastor Ray Patrick.


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