God Is The Author of Option Lifestyles


“If we strain the really like of God
without having the holiness of God,
it turns out to be only compromise.”
— Francis Schaeffer

More than the years I have talked with a lot of persons who attempt and justify their sexual activities as just 1 of several feasible lifestyles God accepts. What they fail to recognize is that these lifestyles are not options, but the norm. What they fail to grasp is that God is the author of the most radical option life-style any individual can visualize. Believe of it this way, when left to our personal devices, just about every single 1 of us, Christian and non-Christian alike, experiments with how the planet should really be formed. We assume we can do a much better job than God so we attempt to make the planet a much better location by remaking it in our image. We all pick to style our lifestyles about our desires and our feelings and our desires.

Truth is, just about every life-style we pick for ourselves is just the status quo. There is no life-style decision we can come up with that is a actual option. The only correct option life-style is the 1 God authors in us. God designed a planet in which we have the freedom to pick involving rebellion and obedience. It is correct that by style and permission we can make our planet and chose to reside our lives in any way we want. But, God desires us to reside out our days experimenting with the most radical and passionate option life-style decision we can visualize obedience!

When it comes to option lifestyles, God is the only 1 with a unique thought.


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