Fifth Sunday of Lent | The Neighborhood of Jesus


This previous Saturday my assignment at our Community’s “Beehive” was to reduce holes for new supports in a concrete basement. “Beehive” is a time when all of our neighborhood family members participate in projects about the monastery. Getting a single of the youngest members of my unique group, I had the job of crawling in a 4-foot dusty crawl space to reduce holes in concrete from the inside. Cutting a concrete wall is most difficult at the start off. Concrete’s strength is in the bonding with each other of the components that comprise it. An eight-inch thick wall is really powerful, but as soon as a hole is reduce, it becomes less difficult to widen the hole and possibly disintegrate an complete wall to rubble.

We had 3 holes to reduce type the basement to the outdoors. The very first a single was accomplished in about an hour. Right after smaller holes are drilled along the outline of the space to be reduce, the outline is reduce with a saw and lastly, we break the pieces out with a hammer.

Sitting down in the crawl space I was conscious of how a lot brighter the basement space felt with just a smaller stream of light beaming in from the outdoors. There had been so a lot of qualities to the shaft of light illuminating the basement. The light itself is really vibrant and offers warmth equally to every little thing it touches. Its glow is vibrant, glistening, and creates a lot of patterns and shadows that reflect about the area.

As our group preps for the second hole on the outdoors, I sit in the quiet basement awaiting the signal to start off cutting once more. I cannot support but feel of the parallels involving my morning’s operate and my spiritual life. Cutting a hole in a concrete wall needs work, intention, and tools. But cutting a “whole” in the spiritual walls of our beings also needs work, intention, and correct tools! Like the wall that has been place up involving a pal and me more than a disagreement, or a wall of worry, or a wall of something, truly, that keeps me from becoming totally my truest-self in Christ.

What ever these walls may possibly be, and no matter how powerful they could seem, it is feasible to have them broken down and enable light to penetrate. Occasionally we may possibly have to pick out to crawl down in a dusty basement with intent and correct tools to break down these walls. I’ll require to remind myself that like this concrete wall, frequently further work and motivation are necessary at the start off to enable light to enter. With the light comes the possibility to expand the fabricated opening to enable in a lot more light, till the time when the complete wall can be knocked down.


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