Faith For Divine Well being – Pastor David Ibiyeomie


Divine healing is a state of becoming restored from sickness to wellness by God’s intervention when divine wellness is a state of not finding sick at all.

For you to reside and get pleasure from divine wellness by faith, you have to find God’s word that has to do with healing or wellness and stand on the integrity of that word, thereby committing God for your physique to respond to the word.

Matthew eight:17 That it may be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.

If you appear at this scripture, the word ‘took’ suggests the sickness left you, it suggests Jesus has currently taken the sickness away, it does not exist.

At this point, you are not hunting at your physique, the pains or the swelling and the discomfort they are causing you are merely saying ‘if He took all these items then I do not have them’.

And as your heart receives the word, you just wake up and uncover out that you do not have the sickness any longer.

As soon as your heart receives the word, no matter how your physique is feeling as extended as your faith is robust, the physique will ultimately respond.

1 Peter two:24b By whose stripes ye had been healed.

The word of God you are standing on will commit Him to intervene regarding your wellness. But God can’t intervene if your heart has not received it. You commit God to heal you as He is not a man to lie.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of items hoped for, the proof of items not noticed.

Just as you need to present an proof in the law court, your proof right here is the word of God and the judge who is God will then rule the case in your favour and your physique will be healed.

You need to find the word, get it, think it, act on it, speak it and then it becomes true in your life.

This functions for each and every location of your life – prosperity, healing, deliverance and so forth.

All you will need to do is find God’s word, get it in your heart without having doubting, declare it to the globe and you will commit God to do it. Even in marriage, if you find God’s word, no matter your age, stand on it, and the man will find you and come to you.

The initial issue is just to get the word. If you say you have faith, you are saying you have the word of God not just understanding and reciting it but you think what it says and act on it even if your situations says otherwise.

Any time a man says I have faith, it suggests he has a word he is standing on. Faith commits God’s integrity.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of items hoped for, the proof of items not noticed.

So, faith is evidential and substantial. You do not see it but you commit God primarily based on what you think in His word and then He performs what He stated.

Hebrews 11:two For by it the elders obtained a superior report.

Just about every superior report is obtained by faith. God will only be pleased when you stroll by faith.

Faith is an active living force, the essential force that turns conditions about.

You will need faith to take delivery of almost everything God has stated in His word. What you will see tomorrow is a function of your faith nowadays.

Have faith in God to best your wellness no matter the sickness, absolutely nothing is as well difficult for God to do!


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