Faith and Theology: Delphic doodlings


Breaking News: “Hell abolishes pope” (supply: John Piper).

Their Lord was a loser, his ministry a failure, his death a shambles, so just what did Christians count on when pastors became celebrities?

Peter’s tips to Christians who would boast about their faith: “Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

If it could be demonstrated that God does not exist, I would, of course, turn out to be an atheist. And if it could be demonstrated that God does exist, I would, of course, turn out to be an atheist.

“It’s superior to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” But hey, why not do each?

There is practically nothing so uninteresting as certainty. Therefore our puzzling preoccupation with the most specific issue of all, and hence the ultimate in boring: death.

The difficulty with lots of sermons is that they continue following they conclude.

Excellent “spiritual directors” are not. They are spiritual indirectors.

(Just after Augustine) If you comprehend prayer, it is not prayer you comprehend. Also: you will in no way pray if you attempt, you will only pray if you pray, but you will in no way know whether or not or not you have prayed.

So research show that prayer is superior for you. It tends to make you healthier, happier, additional steady. Nicely, if it is so advantageous, the hell with it!

Thank God for sorrow. Without the need of sorrow, we would all be such insufferable pricks.

The NRA has additional congregants than Episcopalians and not lots of significantly less than Lutherans and Methodists. Nicely, Jesus did say, “On LaPierre I will construct my church.”

According to a current poll, the historical occasion of which the British are proudest is the creation of the NHS (1948), with standing alone against the Nazis (1940) coming a distant second (68%-49%). Envision that, my fellow Americans. No, I didn’t consider you could.

A superior teacher is not somebody who can give a superior answer but somebody who can detect a negative query.

Ironic at least, tragic at worst, our neighbour is additional probably to be our enemy than the stranger we so worry.

It is not rocket psychology: we are afraid of strangers since we are afraid of ourselves, my inner other folks who are split, repressed, denied, or, significantly less pathologically, merely fugitive, obscure, opaque. Xenophobia is misdirected egophobia.

If you want to catch the essence of humanity, observe the faces of the sleeping. We appear like imbeciles, do not we? Or, superior nonetheless, passport photographs. Serial killers, appropriate?

Although physicists frantically search for a Theory of Every little thing, Christians blithely discover a Theory of Everybody: it is referred to as Christology.

Jeez, the way some Christians are responding to life in a post-Christian culture you’d consider that Chicken Licken was a prophet and whinging and sulking fruits of the Spirit.

I’m considering of taking the Benedict Choice. Benedict Arnold, that is. Below the existing administration treason appears a conscientious calling.

Why cannot I get my head about Trump, why cannot I really feel him? Wittgenstein is beneficial. He mentioned, “If a lion could speak, we would not comprehend him.” Nicely, the very same goes for a hyena. Similarly, Thomas Nagel asked, “What is it like to be a bat?” So of a distinct life-type we may possibly ask, “What is it like to be The Donald?”

Trumpvangelicals – aka Christian Nihilists.

In the Age of Twitter, Warhol’s “everyone will be renowned for 15 minutes” has turn out to be “everyone will be fatuous in 140 characters.”

Back in the day, I moved in a circle of junkies. I nonetheless do, but the addiction du jour is now Facebook, a drug equally toxic, tougher to kick, and less difficult to justify.

To update E. M. Forster’s sigh: “poor small crucial-pad tapping Christianity”.


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