Dr. Poythress on Christ the Center: Interpreting Genesis 1–3


Dr. Vern Poythress not too long ago appeared on Christ the Center with Camden Busey to speak about the hermeneutical troubles involved in interpreting Genesis 1–3. How does biblical interpretation relates to modern scientific study? Dr. Poythress has written a new book titled Interpreting Eden: A Guide to Faithfully Understanding and Reading Genesis 1–3 (Crossway, 2019). The publisher writes:

Christians have lengthy discussed and debated the 1st 3 chapters of the Bible. How we interpret this essential section of Scripture has huge implications for how we fully grasp the rest of God’s Word and even history itself. In this essential volume, biblical scholar Vern Poythress combines cautious exegesis with theological acumen to illuminate the significance of Genesis 1–3. In carrying out so, he demonstrates the sound interpretive principles that lead to accurate understanding of the biblical text, whilst also exploring complicated subjects such as the nature of time, the suitable part of science, interpretive literalism, and far more.


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