Does Obtaining a FWB Result in Loneliness or Raise Loneliness?


Does having a "FWB" cause loneliness?

Does getting a pal with rewards lead to loneliness? Or possibly it causes individuals to really feel lonelier. So let’s get actually truthful about loneliness and the options we make when we are lonely. This is not about two individuals producing a mutual choice to be FWB. This is about answering the query, does getting a FWB lead to loneliness when a single of them hopes for much more.

Pal with Positive aspects

What the hell is a pal with rewards anyway? So I went out and asked individuals each guys and ladies what they believed and right here is what I heard:


  • “It’s an individual I fuck.”
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  • “I text them when I’m horny.”
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  • “You really should drop the pal element it is only the rewards I care about.”
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  • “I do not actually care about them unless I’m drunk.”
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  • “I will need to cuddle and my FWB is there for a fuck and cuddle.”
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  • “I’ll be truthful I’m not positive but it is good to cuddle up to an individual.”
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  • “If this is all he’s prepared to give me I’ll take it.”
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  • “She’s to busy for something else, so I’m down for what ever.”
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  • “I enjoy getting a FWB fucking without the need of getting to spend for a meal.”
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  • “Not dating just fucking.”
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  • “Someone offered when all I will need is sex.”
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  • “To be truthful an individual I fuck but I wouldn’t take out in public.”
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  • “I enjoy the guy what can I say.”
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  • “I’m lonely in the dead of the evening.”
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  • “I hate sleeping alone.”
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These have been just a couple of statements individuals produced. What is a FWB to me? A pal with rewards is an individual who is there for sex without the need of receiving feelings involved. This is not feasible for me think me I want I could but I’m not wired for just sex without the need of feelings. I do not know if there are numerous ladies who are. If you are a single of these ladies let me know please! I may possibly be bias relating to loneliness and getting a FWB which is why I’m hoping you will leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts.


What is lonely? Lonely is that feeling inside of you that you want an individual cared sufficient to attain out to you. When you really sit down and appear about and recognize there is not any individual there. Lonely is waking up in the middle of the evening screaming from evening terrors and there is not any individual to hold you. I do not feel I will need to ask individuals what lonely is for the reason that I have felt alone for a really extended time.

Missing Piece

It feels like you are on an island with numerous individuals but in your personal tower and you cannot attain any individual. You just do not belong. It is a cold, terrible feeling and it tends to make you wonder if you are dead inside. It is painful and dark and you really feel like no a single understands you. This is what lonely feels like to me. I know I really feel it all the time. No, it is not getting suicidal or depressed. If just feels like a thing is missing. A piece is gone from inside of you.

Are You Settling for the FWB

The query I’m asking is does getting a FWB lead to loneliness? Or can it raise the feelings of loneliness? Let’s be genuine right here. Most of the individuals I know want to be in a connection. They would delight in getting an individual to speak to, do issues with and just be with each other. Yes, even sex feels superior. So are we settling for something for the reason that we are lonely? Possibly that individual you have been with no longer desires to be in a connection with you so you let your self be second location and settle for FWB?

Quit with the Hope

Possibly like my tattoo says, there is constantly hope. Do you go back for the reason that you have feelings for that individual? Do you permit your self to be their FWB for the reason that it is all they are prepared to give you. Mainly, right after you have sex with this individual how do you really feel? Mainly because when it comes appropriate down to it I’m nonetheless alone and spending time with a individual that does not see me as connection worthy. I’m enabling this and I wrote about what you permit will continue.

How Fucking Lonely Do You Really feel?

Possibly like me, you go back to your ex (who is now your FWB) to maintain the loneliness at bay. Let me ask you, do you go back to your ex or your pal with rewards when you begin feeling dead inside? When you want to make positive you are nonetheless alive? I’ve been back to “wb”, my ex-boyfriend, on so numerous occasions and let me inform you, it does not do something for my mental well being or my loneliness.

Shame and Loneliness

I want the truth how fucking lonely do you really feel when you are completed with the sex? When you either get up or they get up and leave? Does the loneliness come back like a tidal wave. Make you really feel sick with shame and deep-seated sickness? Or are you capable to compartmentalize, just have sex and not really feel something. Once more, I’m going to ask you how fucking lonely do you really feel each and every time you leave your FWB? Does the loneliness really feel like shame for enabling an individual to treat you so damn shitty. Possibly this loneliness eats at your fucking soul and you know this is not what you want in life. You really feel even lonelier when you get residence and it begins all more than once more. Does getting a FWB lead to loneliness? I feel you improved know your self actually effectively just before going down the FWB route.

A True Partnership

Going back to “wb” or my now FWB only reminds me how undesirable I want a genuine connection. A pal that cherishes me, desires to be with me and not just for sex. An individual that really cares and reaches out to verify on me. An individual who enjoys me caring and reaching out to make positive they are ok as well. A connection exactly where you are truthful and vulnerable with each and every other.

The Really hard Fucking Truth

You only get a single life. So why do we invest it on a FWB? Why are not we placing all of our power into ourselves and loving ourselves? Life is so a lot improved when you enjoy your self and not waiting for an individual to enjoy you. The only individual that can repair that loneliness inside of you is the individual in the mirror. I do not want to really feel the sickness and shame of loving an individual that cannot enjoy me. I want I could have casual sex and just leave it at that having said that, expanding up in a fucked up residence I discovered to beg individuals to enjoy me and I’m not performing it any longer.

Quit The Lies

FWB is absolutely nothing much more than sex, there is no enjoy, no getting cherished and no caring involved. If you are all ok with it I’m satisfied for you. I refuse to lie to myself any longer and let myself be applied for sex. I’m no longer paying with my physique to maintain the loneliness at bay. I’d rather heal myself than continue on this journey of lies. I will obtain a way to enjoy myself sufficient to quit going back to the FWB. In conclusion, does getting a FWB lead to loneliness? My answer, yes, if you hold out hope for much more. As a result, make positive you are fully truthful with your self just before receiving a FWB. Would you agree? Let me know in the comments beneath.



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