disabled Christianity: Disability ministry and traditions


I generally mention Mark 7 when I speak to groups about disability ministry. The passage highlights how traditions can get in the way of obeying the commands of God. The two most vital commands becoming to appreciate God and to appreciate your neighbor. When we are confronted with possessing to appreciate our neighbor or preserve our traditions, also generally we and our religious leaders are like the religious leaders Jesus confronted in that we hold to traditions and eschew the commands of God. It is exciting how Jesus points out 3 strategies we stay away from the commands of God, for our purposes, the command to appreciate your neighbor.
In Mark 7:eight he says,

“For you ignore God’s law and substitute you personal tradition.”

Our 1st dodge is to act like we do not know what we are supposed to do. To ignore implies that you know a thing is there but you pretend like it is not. So we know we are to appreciate all our neighbors, such as these with impairments, but we ignore it.
In Mark 7:9,

“Then he stated, ‘You skillfully sidestep God’s law in order to hold on to your personal tradition.” 

When we can not ignore our responsibilities any longer as they start to intrude upon us maybe each intellectually and physically, we come up with strategies to sidestep our responsibilities to appreciate our neighbor. So clever strategies of minimizing the demands placed upon us like segregated ministries, or these that meet on distinct days when no a single is about are strategies we can sidestep loving our neighbor.
Lastly in Mark 7:13 Jesus says,

“And so you cancel the word of God in order to hand down your personal tradition. And this is only a single instance amongst quite a few other individuals.” 

So lastly, when we can not ignore or sidestep, we just cancel the word of God.
In a current trip to the Philippines, I was operating with a man who operates with pastors. He told me of an occasion exactly where he was speaking to a pastor about such as folks with disabilities in the church. The pastor’s response was, “I know we ought to be performing this but we are not going to.” That is the spot exactly where some leaders have ended up. When they can no longer ignore or sidestep, they just determine to cancel the word.
As I have come to recognize this section a bit far more, it has helped me to move leaders just about in a progression from canceling to sidestepping to ignoring, to performing what they ought to do to appreciate their neighbor.



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