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“What is the chief finish of man? To glorify Gold and appreciate it what ever.” (Westchester Shorter Catechism)

So the Pope nods off although praying? No, the Pope prays although nodding off.

Title for a sermon on Galatians three:27: “The Man Who Took His Christ for a Hat”.

“The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.” Poor Monsieur Pascal: he had a tin ear for star song and galactic symphonies.

Prior to I ask a minister whom I do not know what theologians he reads, I ask him what novels he has study. If he reads novels, I go on to poetry. If he does not study novels, I drop interest in the conversation. Then, for my nightly devotions, I pray for these who listen to his sermons and expertise his pastoral care.

In Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day, Stevens, the English butler, speaks of “that balance in between attentiveness and the illusion of absence that is the essence of very good waiting.” Ergo very good praying as well.

A popular paradigm of the pastor is the “wounded healer”. Shouldn’t that be “healing wounder”? Only truth and appreciate can heal, but each commence with the recoil of hurt and discomfort.

My dear pastor, ask not how lots of folks you have fixed, rather pray that the quantity you have broken is handful of.

The progressive will ultimately come to be an embarrassment, but the reactionary will normally be an asshole.

Wonderful bumper sticker: “America Initially? Matthew 20:16!”

“Patriotic” Americans will make any sacrifice except sacrifice itself.

I really feel for these for whom “thoughts and prayers” has come to be either a mindless mantra or a euphemism for “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”. But do not despair. Turn to the Psalms. There you will obtain the integrity of lament, outrage, and imprecation, the best obsecrations for the NRA and its lackey politicians.

Superior news for American misogynists: it is now legal to carry a concealed weapon across state lines – in addition, that is, to the 1 they’re born with.

The trouble with all moral arguments for torture is that they are utilitarian. If they had been deontological I would have a lot more respect for them. As O’Brien frankly states in 1984, “The object of torture is torture.”

Ah, if only the roads of social and cultural nostalgia led to Eden. They do not. They converge on a new Nuremburg.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. What was cool yesterday is uncool currently, and what is uncool currently will be cool tomorrow. Likes, Followers, Trending – puffs of smoke! But recommend that I close my Twitter and Facebook accounts – go chase the wind!

Each the fulsome panegyrics for and fulminating diatribes against the Reformation commit the identical just-so story fallacy, treating it as the inception rather than the invention of modernity.

When a snake sheds its skin it does not come to be a post-snake. So as well modernity does not come to be post-modernity when it modernises, it is just shedding its skin. Modernity is modernising. In its deep grammar, “modernity” is a gerundive.

On November 8th, 2016, they believed they had been walking into a voting booth when basically they had been marching to the guillotine. The election of Trump has been the decapitation of White American Evangelicalism, with all the squawking, frenzy, and gore you’d anticipate from a headless fowl.

With a lifetime of attempting, I have never ever located the truth. Sometimes, on the other hand, it has bumped into me – and when He ran me more than.

God bumps into us when we’re least expecting it, so why on earth must folks go to church anticipating an encounter with God? I normally go to church with no expectations whatsoever, and I am normally not disappointed. But then ubi et quando Deo visum est – thunder from a clear blue sky.

Psychology (it appears to me) is a sort of meteorology of the self. Epiphanies or traumas – they’re climate transform.

If you assume it is challenging to be oneself, attempt not becoming oneself.

The older I get, the a lot more I am interested in antiquities. Why is that?

I can just about cope with the aches and indignities of aging. It is the effectively-which means concern of other folks for them that I cannot manage.


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