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I’m off to Atlanta in the morning for a ten-day keep in Georgia and South Carolina.  As I do, I’ve been reminded this week about all the methods other folks enable us do what we’ve been asked to do in the planet.

Every single year about this time we send out donation tax receipts to these in the U.S. who have helped us financially. Though I do not appear at the providing records right here, I get to create a letter of thanks to send with these receipts. It provides me a moment to pause and reflect on all these who helped us more than the previous year. I recognize monetary assistance is just a single of these methods, but we do not send out receipts for the other folks. There’s no way for me to know all the prayers that are supplied on our behalf, all the stories and bits of wisdom that are shared with us, and all the methods some of you pass on a quote or a hyperlink to a book or podcast that has touched you, or that you may well believe will bless other folks.

Here’s what I wrote to these who are portion of our monetary providing this year. It is as correct of all the other methods persons have helped Sara and me do what God has asked us to do in the planet:

I am generally amazed at how this performs even just after twenty-4 years. I just do what God asks me to do in the planet, and he keeps giving for it via persons like you. And for the final ten years, we’ve added the wants of more than 100,000 persons we’ve come to really like in Kenya, and he just keeps giving.

Your generosity has touched quite a few. An complete location of Kenya is becoming transformed, and persons are coming to know the Lord. It also permits me to give my life away, no matter whether it be via individual connections, web site content material, or traveling the planet at my personal expense to areas exactly where persons can not even afford to enable with my plane ticket. I do not have to charge for something I do, and that tends to make the message so significantly additional strong. Your generosity causes an overflow of thanksgiving about the planet at the way Father tends to make himself recognized.

I am excited about some new possibilities coming in the year ahead, with the writing projects I’m involved in, the persons Father is placing on my heart to take a look at, and the surprises I can’t but foresee. I am definitely delighted at what Father permits me to do and the vantage point he’s offered me to see his glory unfold.

Thanks to these who have written evaluations on Amazon that encourage other folks to verify out our books, and to these who have sent cards or emails complete of really like and assistance for us to keep correct to God’s calling, in particular when instances are tricky.  All of this has a portion in the word obtaining out in the planet that there is a journey in Jesus accessible to every single a single of us that permits us to reside deeply in his really like and share it with other folks.  We are deliciously overwhelmed with gratefulness to you and thanksgiving to the Father for the way all this has unfolded.

Probably this e-mail says it greatest, understanding that it is written as significantly to you as it is to me… 

Thank you for all the wisdom you have offered to my wife and me in the final handful of months. The final portion of our journey has been coming out of a really conservative, rule-driven, doctrine-primarily based church program, into the freedom of the God journey. God prompted me to listen to Discovering Church just as we had been in the final throes of leaving the church, and was like all the lights came on! God has fairly significantly showed us almost everything you mentioned, but it place words to what I was feeling, and completely settled the thought of Church becoming believers interacting in each day life, not a group gathering routinely, or ‘belonging’ to any distinct group.

I guess your book confirmed what God has currently place in our hearts, and gave us the self-assurance, that we had been currently there!  This is it, we do not have to maintain seeking for the correct ‘thing’.  Because then God has progressively freed us completely from anyone’s handle, and at the very same time offered us three separate gorgeous Christian households to fellowship with, as we really feel led. 

I was also prompted to listen to So You Do not Want to Go to Church Any longer and additional not too long ago, He Loves Me. These had been really beneficial, lots of fresh perspectives, lots of ‘yes!’ moments. My wife is now reading He Loves Me and gradually letting God unravel all the brokenness she has, and I can see a father – daughter connection forming.

We nevertheless have a lengthy way to go in our connection with Father, and the lies take a lengthy time to unravel, but we are now in a secure atmosphere which is permitting Father to perform.

I have no thought how they discovered out about me or some of my books, but it generally occurs mainly because an individual like you passed it on to an individual like them and that keeps slinging freedom all more than the location. I am deeply grateful that so quite a few of you who enable us in so quite a few methods pass the word along.



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