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We will be engaging in an uncommon fund-raising occasion on the weblog in a week or so.   A effectively-educated Anglican priest named Matthew Firth had issued a challenge that no one particular could point out any contradictions in the Gospels of the New Testament that could not be explained.  As I comprehend it, he provided an award of $1000.  OK then!  Somebody on the weblog contacted me to see if I’d be prepared to take up the challenge.

Of course, there is not a contradiction in the recognized universe that a person can not clarify away to his or her personal satisfaction, offered enough ingenuity and the deep inclination or wish to assume that contradictions do not exist.  So in a sense the outcome is pre-determined.  Rev. Firth will not be convinced, nor will his followers, nor any one on either side of the pond who comes into the query with thoughts currently produced up.   So in one particular sense, at least, it is a pointless exercising.

On the other hand, outsiders may possibly be interested in a back and forth.  There’s no way Rev. Firth will spend up — he has a degree in Theology from Oxford and practically nothing any one says will adjust his thoughts, I’m fairly confident . So I wouldn’t take up the challenge pondering it may possibly spend one thing.  But the weblog is all about discussing troubles of the NT/early Christianity to raise income for charity.   So I was asked by this interested third celebration: what would it take in terms of donations?   Simple!  I mentioned I’d do a weblog debate for $1000, in hopes of raising significantly (significantly) extra!

And so it is in location.   We will be getting a weblog debate.  I will propose various contradictions in the Gospels and clarify why they *are* contradictions Rev. Firth will respond to show why they are not I will reply arguing they are he will give additional proof they are not.  And so on.

I know all of you are currently paying to be on the weblog.  But would you be prepared to make an further donation in honor of the occasion?  We’d like to raise oodles of income for the fantastic causes we help, assisting the hungry, homeless, and needy.  Significant endeavors!  Not to mention the essential endeavor of attempting to comprehend the New Testament much better.

Quite a few thanks to Tim Cottingham, a weblog member who very first proposed and then organized the debate and to Nathan Gordon who has generously contributed currently to make the funding feasible and has set up the fund-raising efforts.  And to each of them for operating out the logistics (which ended up becoming a bit complex)


Right here is a short video (two minutes) about the debate and its goal following that is a couple of sentences on who Rev. Firth is following that is the format and so on. that we’ve agreed on for the debate.   Please give!

Initially the video!  (Note: it indicates that it is about contradictions in the NT: but we will be speaking *only* about the Gospels)


Now: on Matthew Firth.

Matthew Firth did degrees in  All-natural Sciences at Cambridge and Theology at Oxford. Soon after finishing his title post in Ipswich, he went on to be Chaplain to the University of Cumbria and Young Adults Church Pioneer for Carlisle Deanery. He is at the moment Priest in Charge of St Cuthbert’s and Holy Trinity, Darlington, and he has wide ranging interests in the locations of science, theology, modern mission and politics.


Subject: Are there contradictions in the New Testament Gospels?



  • Dr. Ehrman – affirmative stance (yes)
  • Rev. Firth – damaging stance (no)


Forum/Audience:  Posts on the member section of the weblog, with accompanying weblog member comment section


Format: three rounds of back and forth posts, possible for answering comments (with an eye to not overextending your time commitment NB: I myself will of course deal with all the comments Rev. Firth will have the chance to do so as effectively, as significantly as he chooses)

Round 1

  • Dr. Ehrman proposes three-four candidates for contradiction in one particular post
  • Rev. Firth counters every in one particular post

Round two

  • Dr. Ehrman responds in one particular post
  • Rev. Firth counters in one particular post

Round three

  • Dr. Ehrman responds in one particular post
  • Rev. Firth counters in one particular post

Post Length:  targeting approx. 1000 words every post  1200 word really hard limit per post

Time Limit:  three-four days in between volleys



  • Principals:  the aim is for informative and collegial engagement on the troubles in between the principals in the debate
  • Comment Section:  the weblog member neighborhood is normally welcoming and friendly.  In addition, the comment section is proctored by Dr. Ehrman


Commencement:  nearest mutually handy timing after April 15, 2019


Charitable Providing:  in addition to stimulating dialogue, this is the project’s accurate goal

  • Dr. Ehrman
    • Quantity:  at least $1K
    • Recipient:  Bart Ehrman Foundation ( EIN 45-4810987), completely for the advantage of:
      • The Urban Ministries of Durham
      • Meals Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina
      • CARE
      • Physicians Without the need of Borders
    • Sources
  • Rev. Firth
    • The intent: Should really Rev. Firth wish to also raise funds, the recipient is completely his option of charitable lead to(s) (e.g., church neighborhood outreach, some or all of the weblog causes listed above, and so on.)


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