Content New Year from Going Beyond!!



Content New Year to you and yours! We pray that 2019 is off to a fantastic commence! You have set your objectives and crafted your vision boards . . . or you are preserving the incredible, effectively-organized life you currently reside! (We want to be like you when we develop up!) Wherever you land in that category, we hope this year will be a single of abundant blessing!

Our Going Beyond Group has an annual tradition of deciding on words to sum up the upcoming year. Some words from the previous handful of years incorporated grace, harmony, productivity, and transition. A handful of of our words from this year had been fruition, harvest, identity, development, wisdom, and . . . lemonade! I’m positive you all have heard the saying, “When life offers you lemons, make lemonade!” Ha!

Let’s all mark lemonade as a theme of this year! When hard conditions present themselves, let’s be open to generating the most of what we’re offered, mastering from unexpected, disappointing situations, and difficult ourselves to rise above defeat and discouragement.

Let’s make lemonade, pals!

In addition to this, what word are you hoping will describe your 2019? Leave a comment under! We would like to hear from you!

Remain in touch this year!

– The Going Beyond Group


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