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If Christians are worn out, it is for one particular of two causes: (1) they do not know how substantially their Father loves them and (two) they have an unbiblical definition of perform. Hey, I’m not judging any one right here. When it comes to overwork, I’m guilty as sin. I’m a workaholic who often pushes himself previous breaking point. I’ve discovered a lot by means of my blunders, but in some cases I wonder irrespective of whether I have discovered something at all.

So place this one particular in the “Do as I say, not as I do basket.”

On the topic of rest vs perform, I have substantially to find out, but one particular point I know for particular is this: Jesus does not want you to perform your self to exhaustion. Rather, he desires you to rest from your labors, and trust in his completed perform.

“But Paul, what about all these scriptures that say factors like Jesus knows our deeds and we have to perform out our salvation with worry and trembling and we will be rewarded for performing fantastic?”

I encourage you to verify out the 30+ articles I have written on these and other deeds-scriptures. (You can locate them in the Archives&gtSubject Index below “works”.) Now I want to appear at a scripture that I unpack in my new book, Letters from Jesus.

I have not discovered your deeds comprehensive in the sight of my God. (Rev. three:2b)

This sounds like a critical warning, and it is. But the warning could not be what you consider it is. Jesus is not saying, “You require to pray a lot more, study a lot more, do a lot more to sustain your fellowship with the Holy Spirit.”

But sadly, this is the message numerous Christians hear. They study these words and really feel like Jesus is providing them a functionality appraisal. “You’re not performing sufficient! Your deeds are incomplete.” What is the remedy? Sign up for a lot more busyness. Make a lot more promises to God. And what is the outcome? Burn out and condemnation.

Probably you have been burdened with unholy demands for a lot more, but this burden is not from the Lord. So what is Jesus saying in this passage? Quick answer: He’s speaking to unsaved folks who had heard the gospel but not believed it.

The incomplete deeds passage comes from Jesus’ letter to the church at Sardis. This church had created a name for themselves – they had a reputation – but Jesus wasn’t impressed. They had been recognized as a busy church, but the majority of folks in it had been unsaved. They had been self-righteous do-gooders who remained dead in their sin and unacquainted with the Holy Spirit.

In the very first verse of his letter, Jesus draws focus to the Sardians’ deficiency—they lacked the Holy Spirit. The fellowship of the Spirit is not one thing we earn by means of fantastic functions. The indwelling Holy Spirit is the present of God provided to all who ask (Luke 11:13). The self-righteous Sardians had completed numerous factors for God, but they had not asked for something from God. They had been a lot more interested in what they could give to the Lord, than what he could give to them.

By all accounts the Sardians had been a lot busy. They had acquired a reputation for their fantastic deeds. But these who are attempting to earn God’s favor can never ever succeed. They could be slaving for the Lord, but their finest will never ever be sufficient. Their deeds will normally be incomplete.

What is the remedy for incomplete deeds? Jesus tells us in the subsequent verse.

Keep in mind what you have received and heard and maintain it, and repent (Rev. three:3a)

Due to the fact Sardis had a substantial Jewish population, we can assume that the gospel came to this town through the synagogue. The Sardian Jews heard the fantastic news very first, and some of them repented and had been clothed with the spotless raiments of Christ’s righteousness (see Rev. three:four). But numerous who heard the gospel did not repent. Therefore the Lord exhorts them to “remember what you heard (the gospel) and repent (modify your unbelieving minds).” He also exhorts them to maintain it, which signifies heed it and hold speedy to it.

The gospel reveals the absolutely free present of God’s righteousness—“a righteousness that is by faith from very first to last” (Rom. 1:17). 1 sign that a individual hasn’t received the gospel is they haven’t received the righteousness that comes from God. They are nonetheless attempting to establish their personal. This is what was taking place in Sardis. The Jews had heard about Jesus, but they had not grasped what Christ had completed. They had been boasting in their reputation when they could have been boasting in the Lord.

If you think in Jesus, rest assured the incomplete deeds warning is not for you. Nonetheless, if you consider your difficult perform is earning you favor with God, then perhaps it is. I do not say that to condemn you, but to liberate you from the tyranny of dead functions.

In my subsequent post, I will ask an significant query: Are you functioning also difficult for Jesus? If your gut reaction is, “It’s not doable to perform also difficult for the Lord,” then permit me to introduce you to a some Christians who had been functioning far also difficult and suffering as a outcome. Remain tuned.


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