Appearances on Digging for Truth Television Show and Update


Pleased Thanksgiving, absolutely everyone!

I just wanted to create a fast individual note now and let you know that I haven’t been capable to create significantly on the weblog the final two months due to the fact I’ve been functioning on my subsequent book, Speaking with Your Little ones about Jesus. If that title sounds familiar, it is due to the fact it is the subsequent in the series after Speaking with Your Little ones about God! Yes, Jesus IS God, but Speaking with Your Little ones about God is focused on the “big picture” inquiries youngsters have to have to have an understanding of now about the proof for God’s existence, the partnership involving science and God, the nature of God, and the variations involving an atheistic and theistic worldview (click right here for the complete table of contents if you are new to my weblog). Speaking with Your Little ones about Jesus will stroll you via 30 of the most critical inquiries youngsters have to have to have an understanding of now particularly about Jesus–questions about the identity of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, and the distinction Jesus tends to make in a person’s worldview. It will not be out till Spring 2020, but I just wanted to let you know that if there are stretches of time involving now and May possibly (the due date to my publisher) when I haven’t blogged significantly, it is due to the fact I’m functioning tough on this subsequent book…not due to the fact I’m not arranging to weblog any longer! Thanks for your patience.

I also wanted to share now my initial look as a guest on a Television show. The show, Digging for Truth, is focused on biblical archaeology, but they also have guests on other apologetics-associated subjects. I was honored to be interviewed for two episodes, which you can watch beneath. On Episode 33, I speak about the have to have for Christian parents to raise their youngsters with an understanding of how to make a case for and defend the truth of Christianity. On Episode 34, I speak about the 5 types of skeptics who want to shame your youngsters for getting Christians (this is primarily based on an earlier weblog post). I hope you take pleasure in these episodes!

A couple of final notes:

  • I’ll be traveling to Colorado Springs Monday to record an interview for the Concentrate on the Household radio show! I’m excited and grateful for the chance to share with their lots of listeners on the value of apologetics. Please join me in praying that I’ll be a clear and compelling communicator. I think the show will air in February. I’ll post right here when it is obtainable.
  • If you are on Facebook, I want to be confident you know about the Facebook group I began a couple of months ago, referred to as The Christian Parenting Lounge. It is a closed group (only these in the group can see posts) exactly where you can go over something you’d like with like-minded Christian parents. There are more than 1,500 parents there currently and it is develop into a good discussion group. If you’d like to join us, just click the button on the group web page to request to join. Unless you have a shady Facebook profile, I’ll approve you. &#x1f642
  • If you occurred to discover and subscribe to my weblog although I’m in this slow blogging period, you can verify out some of my most well-known posts right here. I haven’t updated that web page given that earlier this year, so you can also appear back more than some of my most current posts for weekend reading material. &#x1f642

OK, that is all for now! Love these episodes of Digging for Truth and have a Fantastic Thanksgiving!






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