Angela Watkins Rivers: Sunday – The Church Gets Busy – Children’s Sunday College Lesson – Acts two:42-47


The Believers Share Their Lives With each other. The Fellowship of the Believers. Spiritual unity finds sensible expression in readiness to share cash and possession.

What points do people today do at Church?

The believers studied what the apostles taught. They shared their lives collectively. They ate and prayed collectively.

Every person was amazed at what God was performing. They had been amazed when the apostles performed quite a few wonders and indicators.

All the believers had been collectively. They shared almost everything they had.

They sold home and other points they owned. They gave to any individual who necessary anything.

Daily they met collectively in the temple courtyard. They ate meals collectively in their properties. Their hearts had been glad and sincere.

They praised God. They had been respected by all the people today. Every single day the Lord added to their group these who had been becoming saved.

What points do people today do at Church? When the Church very first began the people today had been excited. They like spending time collectively. They wanted to understand a lot more about Jesus. They wanted to praise God for performing such excellent points for them.

Reference Scripture utilised from The NIrV May perhaps the Faith Be With You Holy Bible @ Zondervan 2017


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