American Jesus Madness 2018 – Exquisite eight Outcomes


I’ve gotta be truthful.

I under no circumstances would have guessed this final 4, er, I imply four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Specifically not thinking of some of the blowouts some of the Exquisite eight had prior to heading into this round. Some continued to hold serve, like Evangelical Lady Bloggers who appear like they may possibly be a favourite to win it all, but I believed Thoughts &amp Prayers had lastly met their match in Jen Hatmaker.

Boy, was I incorrect.

Similar point about Taking A Knee. Didn’t assume Donald Trump Mulligans stood a likelihood.

Shows what I know.

Anyway, verify out the how the four Horsemen became our 2018 American Jesus Madness four Horsemen under and if you are in the bracket challenge, properly, I do not have to inform you to take a peek at the leaderboard. You likely currently have.

And as normally, make certain you head back right here at 9AM CDT to start off voting once more!!

EXQUISITE eight Outcomes

Thoughts and Prayers – 82%          Jen Hatmaker – 18%

#ChurchToo – 94%          Evangelical Advisory Council’s Complicity – six%

Evangelical Lady Bloggers – 94%          Ethics – six%

Taking A Knee – 28%          Donald Trump Mulligans – 72%



1. Richard McNeeley – 88 points

two. Serena Severance – 54 points

three. Jesse Burke – 51 points

four. Stacy Demory – 43 points

four. Tom McIntosh- 43 points


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