Adventuresaurus Girl Dating and Connection Weblog: A Handful of Dates


More than the final couple of months, I’ve gone on a couple of dates.

  1. Guy who bragged about how his dog is a “chick magnet”
  2. Guy who had genuinely extended fingernails I could not assist but stare at
  3. Guy who may perhaps have been additional into guys than ladies
  4. Guy who had exciting issues to speak about

I located myself pondering, if guy quantity one particular did not brag about his dog becoming a “chick magnet,” would have I wanted to see him once more? No. If guy quantity two had shorter fingernails, would I have wanted to see him once more? No. If I had believed guy quantity 3 was additional into ladies, would I have wanted to see him once more? No. So by pondering pf a person as the “extended fingernail guy” or what ever else, I am not ruling them out mainly because of extended nails, dogs, et al, no, it is mainly because I did not like him and that was just yet another straw to add to the camel’s back. I am positive guys feel like this about ladies also.

Guy quantity 4 is the only one particular I would have agreed to see once more. We did not have a spark (not that I had a spark with the other people), but he was exciting and we talked about exciting issues (vs the let’s speak about our jobs for two hours conversations).  He has asked me out because and our calendars have not lined up.  I do not know if I really should see him once more even though mainly because I do not feel it’d be fair to him mainly because I really feel no spark.

Guys two to 4 had been all good guys, we just are not great matches.  Guy quantity one particular was the only questionable one particular.  three out of four becoming good is rather great.


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