Accessing Your Hidden Prospective – David Ibiyeomie


God has freely provided to you all the things you are hunting for in life but you will need to relate with the Spirit of God to be capable to have access to them.

two Peter 1:three –3 According as his divine energy hath provided unto us all issues that pertain unto life and godliness, via the information of him that hath named us to glory and virtue:

There is practically nothing you are hunting for that God has not provided to you such as the income you will need to start out that enterprise but the challenge is the capability for you to determine what God has provided to you.

Believing to use what you do not have for the subsequent phase of accomplishment is truly a trap of the devil. God desires you to start out with what you have and not with what is not out there. Jesus had five,000 males to feed but there was no meals. He did not go hunting for anything far away He had to use what was out there to meet the will need of that time which have been five loaves and two fishes.

John six:six -And this he stated to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do.

The explanation lots of individuals are frustrated is since they do not know what to do. If you know what to do with what you have, you will usually overcome any challenge in enterprise.

2Kings four:1-two – Now there cried a specific lady of the wives of the sons of the prophets unto Elisha, saying, Thy servant my husband is dead and thou knowest that thy servant did worry the Lord: and the creditor is come to take unto him my two sons to be bondmen. two And Elisha stated unto her, what shall I do for thee? Inform me, what hast thou in the property? And she stated, Thine handmaid hath not something in the property, save a pot of oil.

So I ask you – what do you have about you? What is the divine endowment in you?

There is no one who has practically nothing. There is anything you have that you have not observed. God will usually use what you have to build what you want. Your future accomplishment is in the present factor that is out there appropriate now not in what is not out there. Quit hunting at what you do not have but your accomplishment is appropriate in what is out there. God will not use what you do not have to take you to your future He will use what you have to take you to your subsequent phase.

Consciously eliminate the ‘Not sufficient mentality” from your thoughts. Despising what is in your hand is truly destroying your future. What you have may perhaps not be sufficient in your physical eyes but with the supernatural grace of God on it, it is sufficient to start out with if you can consider and program nicely.

If you can consider sufficient, what you have is sufficient to start out with since all the things that God will use to lift mankind is hidden in yet another factor. The income you are hunting for is hidden in anything that you have. The widow’s wealth was hidden in the oil it was the oil God multiplied for her to spend her debt. So, what you are hunting for is hidden inside what you have now and God has provided you to capability to discern and search it out.

Just about every monetary and enterprise accomplishment is hidden inside you, about you or in what is out there now in your hands. There are individuals you will meet and your lifting will spring from them so, it is not hunting far but the capability to discern what is out there now for your future.

Just about every prospective is hidden in anything. Till you recognize the prospective that you carry, your future is not secured. For instance, the monetary prosperity of your tomorrow is hidden in your seed currently refusing to sow the seed currently is rejecting the harvest of tomorrow. A man who can’t see the prospective of the seed in his hand currently is destroying his harvest of tomorrow. Therefore, see greatness inside what you have now.

The orange tree is truly hidden in the orange seed throwing away the seed is throwing away an orange tree. Quit seeing life from the angle of obstacles start out seeing life from the angle of miracles. Quit seeing life from the angle of troubles start out seeing life from the angle of promises. Quit seeing life from the angle of breakdown start out seeing life from the angle of breakthroughs.

Your capability to determine your hidden prospective is what tends to make you wonderful and requires you to your subsequent phase. Quit wishing you have anything appear at what is currently out there to you.

Most instances, individuals want they have extra than what they currently have. Quit wishing that you have extra. See what that seed carries since your destiny is in what is out there.

Bill Gates began his laptop or computer enterprise with $200 so, it is not income that you will need but you ought to be capable to know what that seed carries. Begin with what you have now and you will prosper in Jesus name!

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see the prospective in you your future depends on it. Appear inwards there is anything you have waiting to be harnessed. Use the out there to get what you want.

You will not fail in life! You will not fail in your profession! You will not fail in your enterprise! You will succeed in the name of Jesus!!!


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