A story of faithfulness with Canada Summer season Jobs


by Dave Addison

Toronto City Mission (TCM) is the oldest and longest-operating mission in the City of Toronto. Whilst our ministry has evolved from inner city relief function to preventive and proactive applications for youngsters and households impacted by poverty, summer time camp has normally been a core portion of our ministry.

“This donation brought the total to $40,000, but I questioned if we could truly raise the remaining $60,000. I decided only God was going to make this probable. Significantly less than 1 minute immediately after I hit ‘Send,’ my telephone rang.” Dave Addison is executive director of Toronto City Mission. He writes right here about his faith-developing encounter for the duration of the Canada Summer season Jobs funding troubles.

Sonshine Day Camp gives a wealthy encounter of each day applications like crafts, sports, singing, drama, Bible-primarily based stories and day trips. Youngsters are kept engaged and off the streets or away from anti-social behaviours whilst parents are operating. Youngsters who attend Sonshine Day Camp obtain the gifts of belonging, self-confidence, and faith.

At present, TCM hosts 7 weeks of summer time camp for 125 youngsters in four communities across the city that are impacted by poverty. To assure accessibility to these in want, camp is offered at no price to the households. In order to run the camps, TCM hires 16 summer time interns to function alongside nine (9) of our Outreach Workers as effectively as a huge quantity of volunteers.

For the final 20+ years, TCM has received funding from the federal government to enable subsidize the price of hiring summer time students (interns). In 2017, Canada Summer season Jobs offered about $70,000 of grant funding to enable cover the majority of this salary expense.

In December of 2017, the federal government released new suggestions for the Canada Summer season Jobs system stating that employers would be ineligible for the grant unless they agreed that their core mandate and hiring do not discriminate on the basis of religion, and that they affirm the government’s views on abortion, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. This clause became identified as the “Attestation.”

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada argued that the attestation requirement was an infringement of Charter Rights for freedom of religion, expression, beliefs, and opinion. This situation was effectively fought, but the government only created minor amendments to the wording. Whilst this pretty reality was an admission that the attestation was flawed, the government stood their ground and needed organizations to “tick the box” or they would not obtain funding.

Immediately after a time of discernment, TCM’s board and leadership group concluded that we could not sign the attestation. Generating this decision would place at danger TCM’s grant application. Provided the new minimum wage, hiring 16 interns would be at a price of $100,000. Plans for summer time camp have been effectively underway and we knew that it is a crucial portion of our ministry.

With tiny hesitation, we responded to God’s contact to step out in faith and proceed with camp as planned. We would place our trust in God’s provision.

I quickly located myself getting asked by the EFC, CCCC, MP’s, and the media to speak out against the attestation requirement. For me, the situation was initial and foremost about religious freedom and secondarily about funding. I participated in an interfaith press conference organized by the EFC as effectively as 3 national news interviews.

Prior to we launched any official fundraising appeal, donations began to come in from individuals who saw the Television interviews.  A foundation who donated to TCM in the previous created a considerable donation to help the position TCM had taken. At my church, St. Paul’s Bloor Street, I was approached by a buddy who had also observed a single of my interviews. On the spot, he committed $five,000, then asked what far more he could do. He wrote a compelling letter that he sent to a quantity of close friends and associates attractive for their help and even far more income was donated.

I vividly bear in mind the day when I was sending an e mail thanking a donor who gave $two,000.

I typed “I continue to pray and place my trust in God.” It was at that moment that my faith wavered. This donation brought the total to $40,000, but I questioned if we could truly raise the remaining $60,000. I looked at the latter portion of my sentence and wondered if I need to finish it immediately after “I continue to pray.” I decided to leave it as it was written since only God was going to make this probable.

Significantly less than 1 minute immediately after I hit “Send,” my telephone rang.

It was the pastor from a church that had extended been supporters of TCM. He told me that it was on his heart that they need to help TCM’s camp since of the position we took against attestation. He told me that he and the church elders decided to have a month-extended appeal for TCM. Their ambitious aim for members of the church was to raise $30,000. He then told me that the church would commit to match dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000 donated.

If they accomplished their aim, they would raise $60,000…the precise quantity we required to attain our $100,000 aim!

I began to cry, struggling to speak, I explained the e mail I had just sent and the faith battle that I was facing. I told him that his contact was definitely the answer to prayer!

One particular month later, the pastor known as to inform me that the appeal was a accomplishment and they had raised $60,330!

God proved to us his faithfulness, abundance, and sovereignty.

As we appear ahead to subsequent summer time, we pray that the government will not have a values test linked with accessing CSJ funding, but we also know exactly where we ought to place our trust…in God and His individuals!

Dave Addison is executive director of Toronto City Mission. Find out the most recent about the Canada Summer season Jobs circumstance. 


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