A presidential race focused on religion? four-10-19 (Bill’s ‘Faith Matters’ Weblog)


Increasingly, the subject of faith is surfacing in the campaigns of the tiny army of Democrats in search of to replace Donald J. Trump as president.

But, as the Atlantic piece reports, “. . .no 1 has created as much buzz about faith as Buttigieg. ‘As an individual who comes from a religious background, is an Episcopalian and is gay, these are not just theoretical problems for him,’ says Michael Put on, who worked on faith problems in the Obama White Residence and directed faith outreach through the former president’s 2012 reelection campaign. Buttigieg has ‘actually had to perform out in his personal life how his views, how his life, enmeshes with his faith.’”

It may perhaps appear silly to be spending a great deal time pondering about Buttigieg’s campaign and how he’s speaking about faith, offered his low rankings in the early polls. On the other hand, that is what individuals mentioned about Jimmy Carter, who, you may perhaps recall, basically got elected president in 1976 even though speaking a lot about faith soon after possessing low rankings in the early polls.

In any case, in a nation that requires faith as seriously as America does, religion inevitably is going to play some part in the way the candidates for president run and in the way prospective voters make a decision whom to help — in spite of the truth that the U.S. Constitution says there can be no religious test for public workplace.

A crucial religious query for the 2020 race is whether or not individuals who determine themselves as evangelical Christians will wake up to the truth that the man they overwhelmingly supported in 2016, Trump, violates practically all their core moral principles. So far I am not betting on that taking place if it hasn’t however — and it mainly hasn’t.

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