As followers of Jesus, we all know that we should really be reading God’s word. You could have study my other post “7 factors why memorizing Scripture is vital”. We also know that we should really be studying God’s word. We have also been taught that we ought to be memorizing God’s word, but, several of us have convinced ourselves our memory just is not superior sufficient. Let’s be truthful, from time to time we require to quit and assume just to don’t forget how old we are or exactly where we parked the automobile.  If we grow to be convinced that we can not memorize components of the Bible, how are we going to reside out Psalm 119:11?

Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I could not sin against You (Psalm 119:11, NIV).

Rather than operating so tough to convince ourselves that it is not possible for us, let’s take some proactive methods to see how we can hide God’s word in our heart. Right here are 7 Actions to Memorizing Scripture. If you will place these into practice, you will uncover that you CAN memorize Bible verses and it will positively effect your stroll with the Lord.

Step 1: Study the verse. Then, reread the verse.

When you come across a verse that you want to memorize, study and reread the verse many occasions. Get started to get the flow of the words. Study it gradually. Appear at each and every word. What objective does each and every word play in the sentence? As you study the verse, you will begin to get a really feel for the effect this verse can make in your life.

Step two: Study the verse.

Carve out some time to study the verse. Study what other people say about that verse. Appear at the truths that a handful of commentaries pull out of that verse. Perform at pulling the verse apart to obtain what other people say the verse indicates and how it applies to life. What is the context of the verse? Who wrote it? To whom was it written? How does it match into the narrative of what God’s word is teaching in that passage? Is it a component of an Old Testament account? If so, discover the events that take place in that account. Is it a component of a parable of Jesus? If so, discover the gist of that parable so that you can inform the context as you quote the verse. When conversing with other people, figuring out the context of the verse you are memorizing will be exceptionally valuable in conveying the truth of Scripture to them.

Step three: Meditate on the verse.

To meditate on a Bible verse indicates to let the words roll by way of your head and your heart more than time. You know you are meditating on a verse when it is what your thoughts goes to when you are not considering about something else. Meditating on a verse is like obtaining a song stuck in your head, but rather than a song, it is the verse you are memorizing. As you meditate, the Holy Spirit will show you deeper truths from the verse. What does that verse imply to you? How can you reside out the truth of the verse? What modifications are necessary to reside out the truth of that Scripture? When you meditate on a Scripture verse, the truth of that verse sinks deep into your heart. When you begin to apply the which means of what the Bible is saying in that passage, it will be much easier to memorize the words since the truth is altering you.

Step four: Create the verse out.

Utilizing pad and pen, or pc and keyboard, create out the verse many occasions. When you begin making the words, your eyes and your hands will enable your thoughts cement the words into your heart. As you create it out, be positive to verify that you are writing it out properly. Creating repetitive blunders will only make it tougher to memorize that verse. But, as you properly repeat the verse in writing, you will obtain oneself figuring out what the subsequent word is without having obtaining to appear. Do that many occasions and you will be close to memorizing that verse.

Step five: Hang the verse up.

Come across someplace to hang the verse up exactly where you will see it just about every day. A post-it note or paper from a smaller pad will suffice. It does not require to be fancy. Just a reminder to you to study just about every day in a clear place (The fridge door, your desk or bedside table for instance). This will hold the verse ahead of your continually.

Step six: Evaluation the verse.

For a verse to actually be memorized, you need to evaluation that verse more than time. At very first, you will require to evaluation the verse every day. Then, you can move to reviewing the verse as soon as a week. Lastly, you can go to as soon as a month. But, if you seriously want to don’t forget the verse, you should really begin a evaluation course of action exactly where just about every verse you have memorized is reviewed at least as soon as a month. Notecards are pretty valuable for this evaluation course of action.

Step 7: Use the verse in conversations.

Possibly the ideal tool in Scripture memory is to use the verse in your conversations. That could be as overt and intentional as: “Let me share with you this verse that God is working with to speak to my heart. Romans 1:16 says….” As you quote the verse in conversations with other people, you are forced to don’t forget the verse and the reference. Then, you will have that verse in your arsenal of Scripture that you can use through the spiritual conversations that you have with other people. It tends to make a considerable effect on these who are browsing to know what the Bible says about a particular subject. You quoting the verse will bring validity and energy to the conversation since other people will hear what God says rather than what you assume.

What was the final verse you memorized?

If it has been awhile or in no way, why do not you get in the habit of hiding God’s word in your heart? If you assume that you can not, attempt these methods and watch more than the subsequent couple of weeks how that verse will not only begin to be etched into your memory, but the truth of the verse will start to shape your life to be extra like Christ.

You can memorize Scripture. Give it some work. Perform at it and you will be amazed at what you can don’t forget, and God will use it in your life.


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