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Boyfriend Pranks

A prank is a joke that you play on an individual in order to trick them.

Do you and your boyfriend have a related sense of humor? Do you frequently laugh at the similar jokes and have the potential to crack every single other up?

Obtaining a sense of humor is crucial in a connection and it can preserve issues fascinating when it would otherwise be stale, boring, and way also significant. Often you just need to have a cause to be silly.

As a couple, it is crucial that you and your boyfriend are capable to laugh with each other. You should really be capable to laugh at every single other and at yourselves.

Regardless of whether a single of you requirements to cheer up or you are feeling like the connection requirements some levity, a single point is for particular a excellent prank will be confident to preserve your boyfriend on his toes.

Who says that you necessarily need to have to wait for April Fool’s Day in order to prank your boyfriend? A excellent prank is an unexpected a single and your boyfriend will never ever see your prank coming on the other days of the year.

There are lots of unique types of pranks that you can try to pull on your boyfriend and they will variety from the very simple to the elaborate.

When deciding, which prank to carry out, think about how a lot time you have to prepare for the prank and no matter if or not you want to use issues that you currently have at house.

Some pranks can be very simple but powerful, although other individuals are elaborate and take a lot extra time to prepare. Either way, laughter is the best payoff.

Beneath are some suggestions for funny pranks that will leave you and your boyfriend laughing.

34 Boyfriend Pranks

Give him a morning scare

If you reside with each other or at times sleep more than with your boyfriend, then this is a terrific notion for a prank that you can attempt out on him. Get a scary mask and sneak it below your pillow when he is not searching.

Make confident that you place it on in the morning and wake him up wearing the mask. Or you can set an alarm and make confident that your masked face is the 1st point that he sees when he wakes up.

You can even film his reaction or take a image of his face when he sees you wearing the scary mask.

Leave a surprise on his bed

Right here is a further funny bed prank that you can pull on your boyfriend. Uncover a thing scary like a significant plastic spider or snake that you can location on your pillow. Sneak out of bed ahead of he gets up and watch him wake up to that scary critter that is on your pillow.

Transform your outfits

Take the chance to alter up your style with this prank. Each and every time you leave the space, head into the bathroom or your bedroom and alter your outfit. Do this a couple of instances and see if your boyfriend notices that something is unique.

If your boyfriend does notice that you have changed your outfit, act like you have no notion what he is speaking about. The extra drastic your outfit alterations are, the greater. Keep in mind to be discreet and subtle about it, that way he will be left scratching his head.

Hygiene solutions

There is no denying the value of individual hygiene, particularly when you are in a connection.

Does your boyfriend use a lot of hygiene solutions like physique wash, face wash, and shaving gel? You can do this to his toothpaste tube, shampoo bottles, and conditioner as properly.

Reduce out modest squares of plastic wrap, unscrew the tops off of all his tubes and bottles, and cover with the plastic wrap. Place the tops back on and he will have no notion why practically nothing is coming out.

“Take in” a stray animal

Are you recognized for becoming a significant animal lover? If so, then this could possibly be the fantastic prank for you to pull on your boyfriend.

This a single is a funny prank that does not call for a lot function. Get a image of a wild animal off of the world wide web and text it to your boyfriend, saying that you have brought an animal house.

For instance, send him a image of a coyote, but say that you have adopted a dog. If you can photoshop it to appear like it is inside your house, that will be even extra convincing.

I can not think it is butter

Is your boyfriend normally needing to smear deodorant on himself? Replace your boyfriend’s deodorant with butter. You could possibly need to have to let the butter soften up 1st ahead of you place it in the deodorant stick.

Be our guest

If you reside with your boyfriend, trick him into considering that your parents will be coming to keep with you for an whole month.

Human garbage

If you reside with each other, then possibly it is ordinarily your boyfriend’s job to take the trash out of the property. This time, you can make the process further exciting for him.

Ask your boyfriend to take out the garbage. Squat down subsequent to the actual bag of trash and place a black garbage bag more than your self so that it appears like you are a further bag of garbage.

Make confident that you are fully covered by the trash bag and that you are not moving when he comes towards you.

Stand up and surprise him when he comes more than to take out the trash. He will have no notion what is taking place and he will be fully shocked.

Shake it up

Numerous of us like to love a fizzy drink just about every now and then. But the worst point is when we pop open a can or twist open a bottle of soda, only for it to fizz all more than the location.

Does your boyfriend like to drink carbonated beverages? Shake up all the sodas in the property and let science take care of all the things else. Just make confident that there are no electronics nearby when he does this.

All eyes on you

There are fewer issues that are extra unsettling than the feeling that you are becoming watched. But at times, obtaining a lot of eyes on you can be pretty funny.

What is not funny about a bunch of googly eyes? Surprise your boyfriend by providing a pair of eyes to all the things inside your fridge.

If you do not have any googly eyes that you can use, attempt applying a marker to draw eyes on all your bottles of milk, ketchup, cartons of eggs, and so on. It will be as if these inanimate issues have come to life.

Wait and see how lengthy it requires for him to notice that all of these objects now have personalities and pairs of eyes that are staring proper at him.

Give them a honk

Use a washable marker to leave a message on the back of your boyfriend’s auto. Create “honk and wave, he does not know this is right here!” He will be so confused in the course of his drive and will not know why absolutely everyone is honking and waving at him.

50 shades of grey

Are you searching for a thing unique in your like life? Often you just need to have to spice issues up a tiny in the bedroom. It aids to be inventive.

Mislead your boyfriend by saying that you wanted to alter up issues at house. Inform him that you got him 50 shades of grey and that you will go by way of it with each other tonight.

When he gets house, contact him into the bedroom. Alternatively of handing him the book named 50 Shades of Grey, give him a bunch of grey paint chips from the hardware retailer.

If you can make confident that there are in fact 50 unique shades of grey in that pile of paint chips, then it will be even funnier.

Toilet paper tower

Toilet paper is an vital point to have in your bathroom. But what if you have also a lot of it? Then you can attempt to pull off this exciting prank on your boyfriend.

Get lots of rolls of toilet paper to stack up in your bathroom. Construct a tower that your boyfriend can only aid but admire.

Start out off by placing a single roll of toilet paper on the bottom and then place two rolls on prime. Preserve constructing the toilet paper tower as higher as you can. You could possibly even have to lean the tower against the wall a tiny bit.

The notion is that he will have a bit of a difficult time taking a roll off of the prime of the tower without having knocking all the things down.

How higher do you want this tower of toilet paper to be? As tall as you? As tall as your boyfriend? Or possibly you want it to touch the ceiling. The decision and the challenge are up to you.

Surprise mani-pedi

We all deserve a tiny pampering now and then. This a single is each a prank and a tiny makeover all rolled into a single.

Is your boyfriend a heavy sleeper? Give him a funny surprise by pampering him in his sleep. Paint his nails although he stays rapidly asleep in dreamland.

Just after he wakes up, wait for him to notice that there is a thing unique about his feet and hands.

Make him a cup of T

Tea soothes the soul and there is practically nothing like a hot cup to warm you up.

Does your boyfriend like to drink a cup of tea just about every now and then? Present to make him a cup of tea. Reduce out pieces of paper shaped like the letter T and place the pieces of paper in a cup for him alternatively.

Fish dinner

Fish is a good, wholesome meal to consume. Does your boyfriend like to consume fish? Inform him that you are preparing him some scrumptious fish for dinner.

Of course, you will not truly be providing him fish from the ocean. You will be tricking him with this silly, sweet prank.

Serve up some Swedish fish candy or Goldfish crackers on a fancy dinner plate alternatively. Do not overlook the silverware and make a significant show of it when you serve him his “fish dinner.”

Boiled eggs

This subsequent prank will be confident to leave your boyfriend feeling a bit scrambled.

Right here is an egg-cellent prank for you to play on your unsuspecting boyfriend. If your boyfriend loves to consume scrambled eggs or omelets for breakfast, then this is a terrific prank to play on him.

Take all of the eggs in the fridge and really hard boil them when he is not about. Place the boiled eggs back in the carton and wait for him to attempt to crack open the eggs the subsequent time he tries to bake or make breakfast.

Sweet treats

Practically nothing is sweeter than a prank that requires the other individual fully by surprise. Trick your boyfriend with this sweet but silly prank.

Does your boyfriend like to consume sweets? Possibly he likes sprinkled, frosted donuts or possibly he enjoys the richness of the chocolate.

Get a donut box or a chocolate box, empty the box out, and fill it up with vegetables alternatively. Or you can even just leave a note inside the empty box that says, “gotcha!”

Ring the alarm

Most of us rely on an alarm clock to aid us get our day began. Without having a single, we could possibly nevertheless be snoozing in bed, which is negative if you have a thing to do and someplace to go.

Is your boyfriend a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper? Either way, he will be confident to come across this prank rather alarm-ing.

Sneakily take your boyfriend’s telephone and set the alarm to ring at a variety of intervals all through the morning.

If you want to take this even a step additional, you can get an alarm clock, set it, and hide it someplace like in a single of his dresser drawers so that he will have to go looking for it.

Every thing is upside down

Every thing is typical and ordinary till a single day, you notice that a thing is a tiny unique. We normally take for granted the modest boring specifics of our daily lives, proper down to the condiments and bottles inside the refrigerator.

Take all the things inside the fridge and turn it upside down. If you have sufficient time and power to do it, you can turn the dining space furnishings upside down also.

Beach trap

There is practically nothing like a exciting, relaxing trip to the beach. Sandy shores and salty water are terrific for the soul. Often, the beach is also a terrific location to conduct a tiny bit of mischief.

A trip to the beach with your boyfriend can be tons of exciting. But getting a way to prank him at the beach is even extra exciting.

Prank your boyfriend at the beach with just a towel. Wait for him to be out of view, possibly although he goes to the bathroom.

Speedily dig a hole into the sand that is no larger than the towel. Then location the towel more than it and watch him fall in as he tries to sit on that spot.


Some of us are light sleepers although other individuals can sleep by way of just about something. If your boyfriend is a heavy sleeper, take benefit of this by providing him a short-term tattoo.

You can attempt to place the short-term tattoo someplace clear like his arm or the back of the neck if you want absolutely everyone else but him to notice it. See if he likes the new ink that you have offered him as soon as he realizes that it is there.

Sticky toilet paper

Replace the toilet paper that is on the toilet paper holder with a lint roller roll alternatively. Wait for your boyfriend to notice.

Make confident that the actual toilet paper rolls are out of arms to attain from the toilet.

Post-it attack

Does your boyfriend have a auto? Even though some pranks can be subtle, other individuals are flashy. This prank will be confident to grab his interest and the interest of other individuals as properly.

A post-it note can aid you keep in mind crucial issues. Or it can aid your carry out a flashy prank that will get absolutely everyone to spend interest.

You will need to have some time to execute this prank and it could possibly aid you to have an further set of hands. Cover his auto in post-it notes.

Minty Oreos

Does your boyfriend like to consume Oreos? Trick him by squeezing some toothpaste into the middle of some Oreo cookies.

Place the cookies back into the container and he will never ever guess that you just snuck a secret ingredient in there.

Coffee break

Does your boyfriend take his coffee with sugar? Switch the salt and sugar and wait for him to understand that he has place a spoonful of salt into his morning coffee.

Mistaken identity

Confuse your boyfriend by switching about some of the contacts in his telephone. Regardless of whether you switch you and a pal of his or his parents and siblings about, it will be funny to see the confused reactions that arise from this silly prank.

Wait and see if he figures out on his personal that you messed with his contacts.

Jello toothbrush

This toothbrush prank is most likely much less terrible if you use a toothbrush that is not brand new. Take your boyfriend’s toothbrush and have it set in a bowl of jello.


Use the autocorrect function to alter some simple words in your boyfriend’s telephone. Go for some normally employed words like yes, no, or lol.

Even though some folks replace these words with really quick, silly sayings, other individuals come across it funny to replace a word with a truly lengthy block of text alternatively. Either way, your boyfriend is going to be confused till he realizes that his telephone has been tampered with.

Time alter

Does your boyfriend have a habit of normally checking the time? Attempt to trick him with this subsequent time-altering prank.

Throw off your boyfriend’s schedule by altering the time on his telephone and appliances to an hour early. He will be operating about and rushing to show up to his appointment, to class, or to college early.

If he owns a watch, do not overlook to alter the time on there as properly.

Spray it

Do you and your boyfriend take turns undertaking the dishes? Or possibly you will be obtaining your hands dirty and your boyfriend will have a cause to wash his hands.

Either way, make confident that you get him to use the kitchen sink for this prank. Take a rubber band and tie it tightly about the spray nozzle on the kitchen sink.

Make confident that it is pointed in the proper path so that your boyfriend will get sprayed with water the subsequent time he utilizes the sink.

Sew it up

Trick your boyfriend by sewing up the opening in his boxers. The subsequent time he goes to the bathroom, he will be struggling to figure out what occurred to his underwear.

An sincere conversation

This a single is a texting prank. Message your boyfriend, telling him that you have not been sincere with him lately or that you have not been telling him all the things.

Be really vague for a tiny bit till he begins to ask you to clarify to a lot. Leave him waiting in anticipation, but do not let him go also crazy.

When it is time to inform him the truth, inform him a thing silly but correct such as, “I ate all of the cookies that we purchased earlier this week.”

Significant choices

Right here is a further texting prank. Inform your boyfriend that you have been attempting to make some challenging choices lately and that you are going by way of a new stage in your life.

Say that you need to have to ask him a thing that could possibly be really hard for him to answer, but you need to have him to be fully sincere with you no matter what.

Then ask him for tips on a thing modest like which outfit to put on, which footwear to invest in, or which colour lipstick to choose out.



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