10 Techniques to Pray For Your Ministry Volunteers


Church volunteers are actually on the front line of ministry. Several neighborhood church volunteers function a complete time job, have a loved ones life at property, are active inside the neighborhood and nonetheless serve faithfully every single week in the neighborhood church. The church areas volunteers all more than the church campus every single week: Greeters, parking attendants, tiny group leaders, technologies volunteers, nursery workers, elementary leaders, student ministry leaders and a lot more.

Recognizing every single ministry volunteer have their personal struggles away from the ministry, it is vital that neighborhood church leaders and ministers pray for their ministry volunteers.

Right here are 10 strategies you can pray for your ministry volunteers. Each and every point will be stated, then supported with Scripture. When you pray for your ministry volunteers, try to remember to pray more than them employing the Scripture referenced beneath.

Right here are 10 strategies you can pray for your ministry volunteers this week:

Wellness – John told Gaius that he prayed for his wellness. Third John 1:two, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you might prosper and be in fantastic health…” Ask God for protection from sickness and healing for these who are in need to have.

Preparation Time – Peter reminds the church in Initial Peter four:10, “…whoever serves is to do so as one particular who is serving by the strength which God supplies so that in all factors God might be glorified by means of Jesus Christ…” May possibly these who serve inside your ministry serve with God’s strength so that He will be glorified.

Serving Time – Ask God to bless the actual time your ministry volunteers serve, as they interact with members and guests. As soon as once again, Peter says in Initial Peter four:10, “As every single one particular has received a particular present, employ it in serving one particular an additional as fantastic stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

Loved ones – Appeal to God on behalf of your ministry volunteers and their loved ones, asking God to bond them collectively. Like Cornelius in Acts 10:two, might this be mentioned of your ministry volunteers and their loved ones, “a devout man and one particular who feared God with all his household…”

Spiritual Life – With a busy schedule, normally a each day quiet time with God is neglected. Ask God to bless your leaders with a sturdy private devotion time. And as they study and pray in private, might their information of God develop and be evident in public. As soon as once again, Peter writes in Second Peter 1:two, “Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the information of God and of Jesus our Lord.”

Social Life – Wherever your ministry volunteers commit their social time, ask God to bless them with possibilities to share the Gospel. Malachi 1:11 says, “For from the increasing of the sun even to its setting, My Name will be wonderful amongst the nations…”

Function – Ephesians six:7 states, “With fantastic will render service, as to the Lord, and not to males.” Ask God to bless your ministry volunteers at their workplace with a spirit to function as to the Lord.

Motivation – Why do your volunteers serve? This might be a fantastic query to ask them on a Sunday morning or a midweek plan. If you are afraid of how they might answer the query, pray for them and their motivation for serving. May possibly their joy be located in Christ alone. Paul writes in Philippians four:four, “Rejoice in the Lord often once again I will say, rejoice.”

Development in Leadership – Are your leaders increasing? The function of the ministry is to really equip the saints for the function of the ministry. Pray to God asking Him to develop their leadership in their ministry region. Ephesians four:12 reads, “equip the saints for function of service, to the creating up of the physique of Christ till we all attain unity of the faith and information of the Son of God…”

Particular Requests – Ultimately, Interact with your ministry volunteers. Essentially ask them how you can pray for them. This might sound like a uncomplicated process, but through the busyness of a Sunday morning or midweek plan, as well normally ministers can be process focused rather than ministry focused. Paul mentioned in Philippians four:six, “Be anxious for nothing at all, but in all the things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be created recognized to God.”

The ministry volunteers are actually a present to the church. They deserve our prayer and encouragement.

Are there any points I left off this list? What would you have added to the list? Create in the comments beneath strategies you pray for your ministry volunteers.

All Scripture is taken from the ESV.


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