10 Indicators the Christian Authors You are Following are (Subtly) Teaching Unbiblical Concepts


10 Signs the Christian Authors You’re Following are (Subtly) Teaching Unbiblical Ideas

My pal, Alisa Childers, not too long ago wrote a overview of the bestselling book, Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis. It began a firestorm of on the net discussion about what tends to make a person a “Christian” author, what duty a self-identified Christian author has in advertising concepts constant with biblical faith, and what harm there can be for Christians reading books that include nonbiblical concepts.

I personally haven’t study the book, so I’m not going to comment on it particularly. But I will say I was exceptionally disappointed and saddened to see the types of comments supporters of the book wrote:

“It wasn’t meant to be a devotional.”

“She’s not teaching theology.”

“Our job is not to seek men and women out and hate them.”

“Stop competing! Just visualize what the non-Christians consider about the McJudgies! We have to have to concentrate inward for the reason that the project inside ourself is the most vital operate we will achieve. Do not use your weblog to bring a person down.”

Sadly, such comments are representative of the lack of discernment popular in the church now. If Alisa pretty characterized the claims of Hollis’s book, Hollis is advertising concepts that conflict with a biblical worldview. And when there is a concern that millions of girls are consuming content material from a Christian author that can lead them to embrace unbiblical concepts, we ought to be raising a warning flag and calling out for discernment in the physique of Christ.

It is not about getting a “McJudgey.”

It is about discerning biblical truth from non-truth…something the Bible regularly tells us to do.

Although this post is not straight connected to parenting (which I ordinarily create about), it is anything that impacts parenting. When parents readily incorporate preferred but unbiblical concepts into their worldview, these concepts will impact how they raise their youngsters and the nature of the worldview they pass on.

The following are 10 indicators that the Christian authors you are following might be subtly teaching unbiblical concepts. I say “subtly” for the reason that I consider most men and women would spot a issue straight away if a Christian stated they didn’t think in the Trinity. But it is just as vital to determine when significantly less apparent warning signs—like the following—are present.


1. They say, “I enjoy Jesus but…”

It is turn out to be preferred for writers to trumpet that they enjoy Jesus but (fill in the blank). When you see a sentence commence this way, be ready for one particular of two issues to adhere to. continue reading


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