‘With God We Shall Win The Victory.’


Psalm 108:1-13
God we shall achieve the victory. He will trample down our enemies’(13).
In ourselves, there is only defeat. We are no match for ‘our enemies’-
the planet, the flesh and the devil. We are surrounded by the planet –
‘The planet is ever close to. I see the sights that dazzle. The tempting
sounds I hear’. We reside with the continual challenge of the flesh – ‘the
storms of passion, the murmurs of self-will’(Church Hymnary, 434).
Behind the planet and the flesh, there is an even stronger enemy – the
devil: ‘Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against… the
spiritual forces of evil…’(Ephesians six:12). Our predicament appears to be
utterly hopeless. How can we possibly win the victory? The uncomplicated truth
is: We can’t. There is, nonetheless, a deeper truth: God is with us- and
‘with God we shall win the victory’!

Psalm 109:1-31
should come to the Lord, recognizing that, without having Him, our predicament is
hopeless – ‘I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded inside me. I
fade away like an evening shadow’(22). When our enemies are on the
attack, we are no match for them. What are we to do when the planet, the
flesh and the devil are threatening to overwhelm us? We should come to the
Lord, praying for His assistance, asking Him to save us – ‘Help me, O Lord my
God save me in accordance with Your love’(26). Let us appear away from
ourselves and our personal weakness. Let us place our trust in the Lord and His
strength. The Lord will not fail us. He ‘stands beside’ us in our time
of testing. He ‘saves’ us from our enemies. Let us praise Him: ‘I will
drastically praise the Lord with my mouth. I will praise Him amongst numerous
people today…’(30-31).


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