Why do gays get hated by Christians a lot more than most other groups of individuals? I even listen to Steven Anderson on a regular basis but it is not bibically supported imo… : Christianity


I will commence off by saying this…If the Bible stated hate all gays I would. I just do not assume the hatred is bibically justified.

The doctrine pastors go by is Romans 1:25-32. That states that God gave up on individuals who would not accept him so he turned females to lust soon after females and males to lust soon after males. Also along with the similar sex attraction they got a bunch of other degenerate traits like murder loving and so forth. I do not have an understanding of how this could imply that all homosexuals are reprobates…Enjoying similar sex is 1 of the major issue God afflicted them with but this does not imply all individuals attracted to the similar sex are reprobates.

Also it appears like older generations of Christians generally coincided the words homosexual with sodomites. Sodomite imo from what I have observed appears closer to degenerate than homosexual. Also individuals from Sodom (of course) Naturally homosexuality is regarded as an immoral sexual practice as evidenced by Levitcus and all through the bible it says do not lay with a further man like a man does a lady…but theres ZERO emphasis for us to go out of our way to hate them

I do not know. Theres a lot more to it I guess but all round


I do not assume hating gays is bibically justified.


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