When Ignorance Becomes Weaponized


There’s just no limit to poor tips these days. And apparently, most people are as well busy or as well distracted to recognize just how poor they actually are.

As Jay Richards notes in his new book The Human Benefit, “Every day brings a new story of delicate snowflakes who mark off ‘safe spaces,’ denounce ever tinier ‘microaggressions,’ announce trigger warnings, and concern surreal demands for faculty to submit to seminars that resemble Maoist ‘struggle sessions’ in the Red China of old.” (See my letter this month to CRI partners.)

That is craziness on steroids. But it is not sufficient to merely recognize the madness. It need to be countered by these nevertheless in command of their senses if we’re to keep away from the deadly fruits of this insanity run amok.

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…because Life and Truth matter,

Hank Hanegraaff



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