These Who ‘Fear The Lord’ Have No Require To Reside In Worry Of Man.


Psalm 110:1-7
Lord says to my Lord: ‘Sit at My ideal hand…’(1). These words direct
our consideration to our Lord Jesus Christ: When ‘He was taken up into
heaven, He sat at the ideal hand of God’(Mark 16:19). When Jesus
ascended to the Father’s ideal hand, the Holy Spirit was sent down from
heaven to fill our lives with God’s blessing (John 7:37-39). Via the
energy of the Holy Spirit, our lives are changed: ‘In the Day of Your
energy, Your men and women will come to You willingly…’. We come to the Lord
in our weakness, and He ‘renews our strength’. We come to Him in our
weariness, and we are ‘refreshed’ by His ‘streams of living water’(three,7).
‘Come, Thou Fount of each and every blessing, tune my heart to sing Thy grace.
Streams of mercy by no means ceasing contact for songs of loudest praise’(Revised
Church Hymnary, 435).

Psalms 111:1-112:10
the Lord… To Him belongs eternal praise… Blessed is the man who
fears the Lord… His heart is safe, he will have no worry in the finish
he will appear in triumph on his foes…’(111:1,10 112:1,eight). These who
‘fear the Lord’ have no need to have to reside in worry of man. These who know that
‘eternal praise belongs to the Lord’ can face their enemies with
self-assurance. Our self-assurance is not in ourselves. Our self-assurance is in the
Lord. We know how great the Lord has been to us – ‘He supplied
redemption for His people’. We have heard and believed the Great News of
Christ. We need to have not ‘fear’ any ‘bad news’ which the devil sends our way.
We ‘trust in the Lord’, confident that the ‘light ‘will triumph more than
the ‘darkness’. The Great News of Christ will triumph more than the devil’s
negative news (111:9 112:four,7).


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