The Way to the Actual Superior Location


The Superior Location debuted in 2016 with an intriguing premise–does getting a excellent particular person matter? In this show, yes it does. In truth, every single action is weighed and provided points that allow a particular person to get to the “good location.” If you do not make it, you go to the “bad place” and eternal torment. Initially, the major character Eleanor wakes up from her death knowledge to locate that she has arrived at the excellent location. The challenge is she didn’t deserve to be there. What follows are humorous circumstances exactly where she tries to fool everybody and then decides to attempt and turn into the sort of particular person that deserves to be there.

Without having providing away the entire storyline, let’s just say that they all learn that no 1 deserves to go the “good location.” Choices are difficult and 1 can not assure what 1 desires is what really happens. No matter how tough an individual tries they can’t make every little thing appropriate.

This point of the show actually illustrates the moral weaknesses of humans. We can’t generally know what the completely appropriate point is in each and every predicament. Even if we did know, we could not have the moral fortitude to even see it by means of.  I appreciate the philosophical conundrum that this show has taken on. It will be intriguing to see how they will ultimately resolve the show. I am relieved to know, even so, that there is an answer to the challenges of getting a human and that this answer is not “try tougher.”

We Are not on A Point Program

The wonderful news of the Gospel is that our redemption is not the outcome of our excellent possibilities. As well typically, even so, we act like we are following the point program like in the show. Even in the church, exactly where we have the Superior news of Christ’s sacrifice, we reside like we are nevertheless getting weighed by our actions. This puts us in a fearful state of considering we are 1 choice away from losing God’s appreciate.  Paul calls out this foolish considering in Galatians three:three ESV exactly where he states, “Are you so foolish? Getting begun by the Spirit, are you now getting perfected by the flesh?”

All through scripture, we see persons, even godly persons creating undesirable possibilities. In truth, the only particular person who ends up searching excellent at the finish of it all is God. And that wasn’t a error. You see if we turn into morally great and make all the appropriate choices, we are the ones who get the credit. Like Eleanor, we would be attempting to earn our way into heaven.

Leaving Area for God

If, rather, even so, we left area for God to do the miraculous, we would see the hand of God in our lives. This is not to say we are to just quit attempting to do the appropriate thing—we just want to quit attempting to do the appropriate point in our personal strength.

We all face challenges in our lives that we struggle to overcome–depression, addiction, anger, selfishness, partnership concerns and so on. We are possibly defeated in these places extra occasions than we can count. To the devoted Christian, these items are disheartening, causing us to query irrespective of whether or not we are even believers. When we face an enemy larger than us, the answer is not to attempt tougher, but to be nevertheless.

Watch and See

In an not possible battle, Israel was provided the admonition to watch and see.  Pharaoh witnessed many miraculous acts culminating with the death of the initially born sons. Then he ultimately lets the Israelite persons go. And then alterations his thoughts. In wild pursuit, he catches up with the fleeing persons at a vulnerable moment. They stand sandwiched amongst the uncrossable Red Sea and rampaging army. Their apparent response is a complete-out panic (regardless of possessing also witnessed God’s wonderful functions).

But Moses reminds them to trust in God, saying, “And Moses stated to the persons, “Worry not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will operate for you currently. For the Egyptians whom you see currently, you shall under no circumstances see once more.” (Exodus 14:13 ESV, bold mine).

They had 3 tasks in this: quit getting afraid, stand firm (do not run and hide), and watch and see what God is going to do.

This is not the only time we see God undertaking this sort of operate. We see the persons of Israel and its person citizens overcome obstacles also substantial for them to overcome alone. And once more and once more, God says, let me fight this battle.

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We want to don’t forget that the aim is not our effective annihilation of the “enemies” in our lives. Rather, our aim is effective dependence on God. If you are feeling the weight of your weakness, take heart.  “He who started a excellent operate in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil 1:six ESV). Due to the fact of what He did and what He is nevertheless undertaking, we can really feel confident that we are going to a pretty excellent location. Our hope is in Him and not in ourselves!


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