The energy of your words – Living the life God intended


Hi how are you all this week? I have been preparing this week to be on a panel at my church’s girl crew evening. One particular of my concerns was on the authority of God and how I knew I had this authority and how I use it. As I meditated on this, God dropped words in my spirit that mentioned that my words have energy. Some of us could know the scripture in Proverbs 18:21 which says:

The tongue can bring death or life, these who adore to speak will reap the consequences.

This signifies that the words we say have energy in our lives and we will reap the consequences of what we say. If we say superior we will reap superior items and if we say poor we will reap poor items. But exactly where does our authority come from?

The answer to that is located in John 12: 49 to 50 and is the words of Jesus.

I do not speak on my personal authority . The Father Who sent me has commanded me what to say and how to say it. And I know His commands lead to eternal life so I say what ever my Father tells me to say.

Jesus’ authority was located in the words He spoke – not His personal words but the words that God told Him to say. If we want our words to include authority, then we need to have to speak the similar words.

So which words need to we be speaking? We need to have to speak the words about our conditions straight from the Bible. Locate the verse that is the answer for your distinct need to have and say it. Then continue to say it but thank God for the answer at the similar time till faith comes and your words begin sounding like there is authority behind them. Faith will only come when we hear and hear and hear and hear the Word of God. Don’t forget it is also not possible to please God with no faith.

This week come across a verse in the Bible that answers your circumstance. Then commence to say it till your words have energy. Let me know how you go.

Have a terrific week and maintain living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps



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