The Diamond Self Approach: Banish Self-Sabotage in five Minutes a Day


diamond self process
The Diamond Self Approach is a revolutionary strategy that permits you to give your thoughts directions about developing a new identity and banishing self-sabotage forever. Precise directions that aid you produce inner strength, self-appreciate, empowerment, and results automatically in every single location of your life. Simply because it is aimed at the internal globe, your thoughts and spirit, the Diamond Self method brings you higher fulfillment with no obtaining to struggle so substantially with obstacles in the true globe. It assists you produce unconditional acceptance, appreciate, and validation for oneself.

All I ask is that you come with me on a tiny journey. Just visualize for a moment becoming in a position to instruct oneself to be additional present, alive, joyful, and plugged into a greater power—to be additional productive any time you require or want to be. What if you could fine-tune these transformational messages to oneself, hone and then magnify them so that they worked much better and additional successfully?

Visualize that you could use the Diamond Self Approach to:

  • Appear and really feel youthful with no working out, dieting, anti-aging creams, Botox, or plastic surgery
  • Really feel additional CONFIDENT with no years of therapy
  • Locate the 1 with no becoming turned off or burnt out
  • Grow to be spiritually alive with no going to endless workshops or classes (or going into a cave to meditate)
  • Be additional prosperous at operate with no altering jobs or finding a much better boss
  • Drop your emotional baggage with no continual counseling
  • Cultivate a profound Like with no finding rid of your companion
  • Practical experience virtually limitless sexual pleasure and fulfillment with no worrying about how you appear
  • Appreciate intense INTIMACY with no losing oneself in a appreciate partnership
  • Take dangers to be all you can be with no paralyzing anxiousness or worry
  • Grow to be totally present with no a steady stream of worries and thoughts
  • Really feel irresistibly desirable with no dieting, losing weight, or getting a entire new wardrobe
  • Comprehend your accurate goal or calling in the globe with no obtaining to operate by means of a paralyzing cloud of confusion

What if this instruction method was so effective, you could transform your identity as merely as you transform your garments? All the although nonetheless retaining a core sense of self that is familiar, comfy, and enduring. Developing a sense of self that permits you to be additional versatile, loving, and spiritually grounded. Accepting the points you cannot transform and effectively altering these that you can. What if you could do all this in just 5 minutes a day with no struggling and attempting to transform points in the “real” globe?

Nevertheless sound not possible?

It is not. Even even though my early childhood was impoverished and ravaged by a raging alcoholic father, a depressed mother, and physical abuse, I personally utilized the Diamond Self method to produce happiness and miracles in my life. I’ll share additional about me later. But for now I want you to know that I utilized the Diamond Self method I am about to teach you to create two bestsellers on dating and relationships, produce my personal a single-lady PBS Television specific, and serve as a frequent guest on The Right now Show.

I’ve utilized these secrets to produce an amazing group of Like Mentor® coaches who operate by telephone and Skype to bring self-esteem, dating results, and Soulmate appreciate to thousands of folks about the globe. I’ve also utilized the Diamond Self Approach to aid produce a passionate marriage with my soul mate for additional than thirty years and to turn out to be additional spiritually alive.

Bottom line: the Diamond Self Approach has helped me and thousands of ladies and males produce profound modifications in their personal lives—in techniques that shocked and astounded them. Now, I’m sharing how to use this very simple miracle method in the most laser-focused way with YOU in thoughts. And if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch me do the Diamond Self Approach and evaluation it anytime you like.

Banishing Self-Sabotage by means of the Diamond Self Approach

The Diamond Self Approach is developed to banish self-sabotage by anchoring in your Diamond Self name. Study each and every section and then close your eyes, taking ample time to do each and every step of the physical exercise.

  1. Bear in mind a time when you felt superior about yourself—alive, true, desirable, connected, LOVING, and LOVABLE. You can go all the way back to some innocent time in your early childhood if you require to. Just uncover the most self-loving expertise you ever had. Place oneself in the image so that you are seeking by means of your personal eyes. Really feel that fully.
  2. Visualize oneself much better, even much better. Visualize oneself 5 occasions much better.
  3. Now take that image and bring it closer to you. Make it brighter, clearer. Give it a excellent soundtrack, magnify all these superior feelings—make them stronger. Give this self a grand nickname like Mighty Isis, Saucy Vixen, Beloved Healer of the Infinite. Have enjoyable and give oneself permission to be outrageous with this method! Like Dana Owens did when she named herself Queen Latifah. Say your new name to oneself.
  4. Shrink the image of your Diamond Self and make it as modest as a true diamond. Then place that image aside.
  5. Now recall an image of oneself at a time when you felt self-doubting, self-important, anxious, undeserving, invisible, rejected, abandoned, or unlovable. When you had been overrun with unfavorable self-speak. This is your Disappointing Self.
  6. Take the image of your Diamond Self, make it the size of a hand grenade, and visualize throwing it correct into the center of your Disappointing Self. Watch it explode and fully destroy the Disappointing Self.
  7. Now, immediate replay. Visualize your Disappointing Self, throw the Diamond Self grenade into the center, and blow up the Disappointing Self once more.
  8. Lastly, speed the entire point up and do the Diamond Self Approach many additional occasions.

Do this till you can not get a clear image of the Disappointing Self. You can do a rapid version of the Diamond Self method anytime you require to be comfy and at ease with oneself (the MOST Critical individual) or about other folks.

Final Thoughts

Please make confident that you basically take a handful of minutes and DO the Diamond Self Approach. Just reading it does you no superior. So please do it. And speak to me at to share your nickname! I appreciate to hear these names. Okay, so I just took my personal guidance and, even even though I have completed it numerous occasions, I just did this physical exercise as soon as once more. This is a living method and you can usually do it and come up with a new nickname. For instance, my most up-to-date diamond Self name is The Radiant Beacon of Loving Guidance. Just considering about that nickname tends to make me really feel pleased.




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