This is an excerpt from my newest book, Cleansing The Temple, Restoring The Glory, which will be released in a handful of weeks. 

If ever there was a time when accurate apostles and prophets have to arise in America and the globe, it is now—not so a great deal to just give prophetic words of what the future holds, but with holy conviction, to get in touch with a Church and a nation back to the accurate worship of God, to drive out the funds changers, and to get in touch with us back to accurate Spirit-inspired fervent effectual prayer and fasting, and holy character. They have to also confront the elite vipers of iniquity and warn the false apostles and prophets of their whitewashed walls and false claims to peace, and to cry out to the men and women to repent and return to God. Each John the Baptist and Jesus did this as properly as the writers of the New Testament.

Now is the time to flee the current superficial version of Christianity and our false unholy allegiances and return to a life style that reflects the humility and meekness of our Master. It is an hour when accurate ministers have to move away from the rat race of expert ministry, funds-producing schemes, and the pursuit of fame, recognition, and media exposure, and be created complete in God’s presence and by way of God’s adore.

Only accurate buddies of the bridegroom whose character has been shaped in the crucible of their personal sufferings and earned God’s trust are certified to lead a Church and a nation back to God. They alone shall know the secret and heart of the Lord.

“The secret of the Lord is with these who worry Him, and He will show them His covenant” (Ps. 25:14).

Notice how this gorgeous verse reads in the Living Bible:

“Friendship with God is reserved for these who reverence him. With them alone he shares the secrets of his promises.”

Also quite a few contemporary apostolic and prophetic voices are tainted due to the fact they are also eager for energy, recognition, influence, riches, and fame. They seek extra the validation and affirmation of guys at the neglect of genuinely living and speaking in the sight of God. The road can be lonely and tough at occasions, but we endanger ourselves when we seek the validation of man more than the validation of our heavenly Father. We have to commence to align ourselves with the heart of Christ and see clearly what is inside man, and rather than looking for approval in the flesh, choose at all expenses the approval of God. This will retain us preferring purity more than recognition, intimacy more than influence, and holiness extra than hype.

A heartfelt reliance and preference for the approval of God more than the approval of man is what distinguishes all accurate apostles and prophets from counterfeits and wannabees. The identical could be mentioned for all ministers and all saints. For there will come a time when they have to not only speak out against the carnal and sinful status quo, but shake off these religious, political, and cultural traditions that run contrary to what God demands and expects of His men and women. This can’t occur unless they adore and worry God extra than man. This also can’t occur unless they have an exceedingly terrific zeal for the honor of God’s residence, whom we are.

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